Warming up for phase 2

Hello all, I suggest a meeting to pick up activities without losing important threads. I would like us to spend an hour together, updating each other, assigning ourselves the various tasks, and agreeing on a timetable. We need to discuss at least the following:

  1. Finalizing the UNDP deal for the Istanbul event
  2. Lineup of the Istanbul event
  3. Finalizing the Climate-KIC deal (MOU?) for the BXL event
  4. Production of the comms materials for the crowdfunding campaign (quite urgent now!).
  5. Scheduling the next meeting of the reading group, and choosing the title (if it has not been chosen).

Anything else?

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Sounds good @alberto.

I could do this meeting tomorrow/ Monday afternoon/ Tuesday afternoon/ Wednesday morning at this stage (may change with meetings being confirmed in London).

As discussed this will be in an advisory capacity.

I’m completely out of action until Wednesday, but can do late morning on Wednesday

I now have a call with Amelia 10am GMT Wednesday so could 11am GMT / 12pm CEST.