Warriors Without Weapons Program, selection process is onging

Warriors Without Weapon (WWW) is a 1 year course that develops the ability to make social transformation happen, through teaching future leaders to design strategies, mobilize people and resources and facilitate processes to make real dreams come true, through real community practice.

It consists of 560 hours (1 month in loco + 11 through e-learning) where participants get in touch with several social technologies and tools, which will later lead them to become part of a the global network of Warriors, where they will have access to materials, projects and more than 550 Warriors. The program happens annually, with the July immersion taking place in Santos - Brazil. - This video:

shows what it is like to become a Warrior Without Weapon;
The #OasisGame was rewarded by Banco do Brasil Foundation for being innovative, interactive, transformational and reproducible registered as Open Source.
This video explains a bit about the philosophy that guides it;

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Tag other people from the region who might be interested. I will be happy to share with you my information and experience. At the end we can support someone to make it through crowd funding. It’s an intense program with futurist tools and knowledgeable experts in different fields. The organizers are mainly architects and urban planners.