We are coming to the end …

Dear all,

we are coming to the end …

We still have a few issues to solve, but it is now time to review the Grant Agreement document(s) before I officially submit it to be examined by the commissions, and ultimately be signed by each partner.

The documents are built from the proposal we submitted. Everything: scientific description, work packages descriptions and timetables, deliverables and milestones, etc. was uploaded on the portal. Forms had to be filled with all work packages descriptions, timetables, and partner personnel efforts, etc. Deliverables and milestones were uploaded separately, and then automatically consolidated into documents you can now download and read.

— Work packages had to be re-numbered so they now go from 1 to 6.

— Because of a change in coordinator, the text was slightly modified.

— Partners are named after their organization usual names (WeMake, Edgeryders, etc.), but for consistency the official acronym was used (the one given under the beneficiaries tab) — edgeryders in place of Edgeryders, UBx in place of Université de Bordeaux, etc.

Please read carefully.

— Deliverables were assigned a lead beneficiary. Make sure everything was uploaded correctly. Make sure you are ok with the deliverable descriptions (not all deliverables had a description in our proposal).

— Milestones also have a lead beneficiary — we had not assigned lead beneficiaries to milestones. Please make sure you agree with those where your organization appear as such.

— Have a look at the budget sheet uploaded on the portal. Nothing should have changed, except for WP6 because of coordination change.

Please notify me if you spot any mistake (misspelling, wrong numbering, text swap or whatever potential error you see).

Please come back to me by email before Wednesday evening so there is still time for final adjustment, and official signing of the grant agreement.

Do not sign until I give you a green light — optimally around Thursday noon, but make sure you see how to proceed. If not, please get in touch with Olga so she can help.


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How to do this…

Great work as always, @melancon!

Everyone else, here’s how to do this for non-participants portal ninjas:

  1. Log into the participants portal with your LEAR account.
  2. From the "My area" menu select "My projects"
  3. Locate Opencare and click on the MP turquoise button.
  4. A new window opens. Click on "Grant agreement data" in the yellow-colored section.
  5. Another new window opens. It should look like this:


The thing to do is this: go through the tabs; Financial Information, Work Packages, Deliverables and Milestones. These are all lists; click on a list item to review the information entered by Guy. Financial Information is a list of partners: click on your organisation’s name and check that the numbers are good. The other three are lists of WPs, deliverables etc. Again, click on each one, especially those that list your org as the leading partner.

Remember: the grant agreement is a contract. Once signed, it will bind us.

There’s another way to it …

Partners should examine the generated pdf’s containing the uploaded information. Those docs contain everything we had in the submitted proposal, now formatted into parts A and B.

The pdf’s do form the grant agreement we will sign.

It is true however that all the information contained in the pdf’s can be visualized going through the different tabs Work packages, Deliverables, Milestones, etc. The procedure indicated by Alberto is ok, but it’s the pdf’s I want you to read and validate.

Log on to the same page you indicated but look for the “Documents” link just below the different tabs on the right part of the page. Then look for the part A and part B pdf’s.

Unable to proceed

For obvious reasons this is someting that I’m unable to until I’m approved and get my pin.

Unable to proceed

For obvious reasons this is someting that I’m unable to until I’m approved and get my pin.

I think you do have access

@Lakomaa I think your present role as contact person gives you full access until a LEAR is appointed. Anyways we’ll send you a downloaded copy of the PDF, just to be sure.


Thanks a lot Guy! We’ll do this within today


I already sent Erik a copy of both part A and part B.

can’t access

I’m approved as LEAR but is still waiting for the pin. In the meantime the site is locked. I have however as mentioned above recieved the files via mail and are reading the documents.