We are looking for a Secretary

Hello @reeflings,

Quick update for those who couldn’t make it to the plenary meeting yesterday:

Yesterday the plenary agreed that Alberto and I will continue our work as Treasurer and Coordinator, based on the tasks listed in the role description that was on the draft agenda.

We did not manage to find somebody who is willing to take up the role of Secretary yet, which is why I am writing this post.

The key tasks of the Secretary are:

  • Keep the decision log up-to-date
  • Take care of the minutes of asbl meetings
  • Take care of the members administration:
    • Add and remove people from groupings here on the forum
    • Make sure people fill in all the onboarding documents
    • Collect mini-bios and pictures for the website
    • Delete people’s data when they leave The Reef (onboarding documents etc)
  • Ensure structure, transparency and order in The Reef’s most important folders and documents.

All in all this is not a lot of work, but for Alberto and myself it’s a bit too much to take on on top of everything else. More importantly it would mean a lot to all of the Reeflings who are already taking up a fair share of the workload if somebody would be willing to step in and share the responsibility to make The Reef work. There is no reason to feel shy if you are still a bit new in The Reef. On the contrary: this is a fast-track opportunity to making The Reef yours!

The idea is that we will review these roles (and who will fill them) in May, so it’s not for a long time. It would be great though if we could find a Secretary at the next plenary meeting. Would anybody want to volunteer?


I nominate @JolanWuyts . He said himself he feels he is a good fit for the role. His main reason for not claiming it is that he thinks he is too new. And maybe he is, but in 2023 we will need to go much faster, and most tasks will be done by people who are in some sense new. But then we will learn, and by June we’ll all be battle-hardened veterans. So, I fully trust Jolan to be a great Secretary from day 1, and will of course be there to help him as needed.


@Lee - How are we doing with this, and do we need to generate some momentum regarding filling this role? It’s clearly a problem that needs addressing in the community if we aren’t able to move forward with this…

@alberto - At the plenary you asked if we could also move towards having a back up treasurer role. Is that something that could be added to this thread or a new one, with a description of the role perhaps? Or is it something you are sorting out within Team Finance (where presumably the only people capable of fulfilling such a role reside)?

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@ChrisM, I think we’re going to be fine, but I’ll only know more tomorrow afternoon.

Nevertheless I would like to briefly reopen the topic at the next plenary meeting, so I added it to the agenda.


I’d rather sort it out within Team Finance. The choice of treasurer and the choice of accounting software are closely related. Malaz is on this.



We now have three candidates: @Nele and @JeremyH (who would make it a duo job) and @JolanWuyts. Given that Jolan is going to take on quite some responsibility in Team Building, the preferred solution seems to ask Nele and Jeremy, with Jolan kindly offering to be their back-up.

Let’s quickly take this up at the next plenary and do a final consent round?


@Nele and @JeremyH,

I have created some sort of hand over file (internal link) that provides an overview on the tasks and the state-of-play. Please consider this file yours now and make as many changes to it as you see fit. (it’s a bit chaotic, so this will probably be needed :open_mouth:)

What is most urgent (but not pressing either) is this:

  • The membership fee administration (point 1), i.e. requesting people to pay 125 and/or 2000 euro.
  • Deleting data from people who have left, especially the data that were given to the confesseur (somewhere in point 2 - I wasn’t kidding when I spoke about chaos :smiley:)

Shall we try to schedule a quick online meeting with @alberto?

Also, ping @ChrisM: I don’t think all this is very important from the point of view of the Back-up, but I can imagine you would be interested to see all these previously invisible processes to be made explicit?

Not sure I understood that, but I think the answer is yes, and therefore I will read the hand over file :slight_smile:

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Hi Lee,

Thank you for the clear handover! I’ll be going through the tasks this Friday.

Happy to schedule a quick online meeting, preferably after 19:30. What day would work for you?


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@alberto: can you please have a look at your agenda? This is promising to get difficult …

Monday 6? Cc @Lee .

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Monday 6 works for us. Shall we say 20:00?


@Nele @Lee @alberto : I’ve worked through the to-do list and done everything I could, but there are still a few points where I would need some clarification before taking action. I’ve left some comments in the doc, it might be helpful if you had a quick look ahead of our meeting. Thank you! :slight_smile:


I added answers where I thought you were asking me.

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