"We come in ignorance": a trip to Nursia to hang out with the pros

Be familiar with the Rule

I guess most of the discussion will revolve around that.

finalizing plans?

If we are planning to take a flight I would like to book my ticket sooner than later if possible as prices are going up.


@mariabyck, as far as I am concerned plans are final.

I will leave from Matera on the 5th, in the morning. The plan is to reach Bari – I am trying to get the RENA Summer School to drive me (and you, if you are there). From there, we can reach Spoleto via Ancona in 6 to 8 hours by train. We will be picked up in Spoleto.

You can also decide you want to skip Matera and fly trough somewhere else. In that case, We will make an appointment at the Spoleto railway station in the late afternoon of September 5th, and we’ll take it from there.

On the 7th I will not be going back to Matera, but rather head for Rome.


see you in Matera!

Travel schedule from Matera to Nursia

Treno: Frecciargento  9354   del  05/09/2014

Partenza: Bari Centrale (Ore: 13:17); Arrivo: Roma Termini (Ore: 17:20).

Treno: Regionale Veloce  2488   del  05/09/2014

Partenza: Roma Termini (Ore: 17:58); Arrivo: Spoleto (Ore: 19:31)

ping @mariabyck and whoever wants to travel from the unMonastery to the cradle of monasticism.