"We come in ignorance": a trip to Nursia to hang out with the pros

I know the mayor of Nursia, birthplace of, well, Benedict himself. He tells me there is once again a strong Benedictine presence in town, since a very energetic American prior arrived a few years ago with three monks in tow. Apparently this guy is charismatic and well structured: the town absolutely loves him and the priory is full with young novices.

They saw my RNext presentation and, long story short, we have an open invitation.

I would like @Ben Vickers to come with me and go talk to this prior. I would like to ask him deep stuff on commitment, obedience and getting things done. He does live by the Rule, and that of conforming to some kind of external set of instructions is and experience we are lacking – and we need it, I think, if we are to design our own Protocol.

I suggest we put together a small expedition of four and leave for Nursia on July 23rd, back on 25th. We should probably rent a car. One glitch is that my driver’s license is in the process of being renewed – not sure it will be ready by then, so we should include at least one person who drives in the expedition. Who is in? @NicoBis, are you perhaps interested from a documentary point of view?

Scheduled for September

Leave on Sept 5th, back on Sept 7th. Will put an event on the platform when this is confirmed.


I’m not sure this is a good idea…

The suggestion comes from the Mayor (No??) … and not from the actual Monastery…??

We are not so much about ‘obedience’…and, definitely, we are not about ‘salvation through JC’… so exactly what do we stand to gain from this gig??

We stand to gain some learning

@ArthurD, there is no gig. I am not involving Edgeryders in this, and will travel on my own money. This is my idea, not the mayor’s, though he enthusiastically offered to connect us.

I don’t know what “salvation through JC”, or where you pulled it out of. But I do know what I am interested in. :slight_smile:

JC… ‘Jesus Christ’… ;-(

Sorry… I did not mean to imply that there was ‘expenditure’ involved (though it was not clear either way). If it is not an ‘official Edgeryders/unMonastery’ thing…then I have no comment to make and wish you safe journey…


Hello all,

so, the prior will meet us on the morning of September 6th, for 2 hours. Pinging @Ben Vickers and @mariabyck who wanted to come, as I remember it.

Ignore last msg!

I see you already said 5th - 7th!

Art Monsatery

I thought you were going to visit this project: http://artmonastery.org/

Good for me!

How exciting! I wonder if Nico and crew can join. When do you want to depart Matera and come back? I’ll need to be back in the UK at some point on the 8th!

5th to 7th?

We need to allocate a full day to reaching Nursia. So leave on the 5th morning, and spend the night there. Maybe back on the 7th, leaving Nursia in the morning?


Hi Alberto,

Just trying to figure out my travel for this. What do you think the itinerary will look like? I’m considering flying to Rome since it’s closer to Nursia, cheaper and I’ll be able to leave on the Sunday - but would that work in terms of driving or would it be very much out of the way for you? Let me know your thoughts!


I could also fly to Pescara which there seems to be the perfect flight for and would presumably be on the driving route from Bari!


I have already booked my ticket to Bari, but I would be interested in knowing the options for after our visit flying from Rome or Pescara might be less expensive and make more sense for me as well. if possible.


… may be difficult. My license is being renovated, and it takes much longer than it should – what with me being abroad. I think neither of you drive, and am not sure whether @NicoBis is coming (?). An alternative is Rome, then train to Terni or Spoleto, and we can be driven from there.

I will also go to Rome after the visit. But, like Maria, I am leaving from Matera.

some options

A flight from Bari to Rome on Sept 5 arriving at 8:15 in the morning  is 25 euro so seems reasonable price and time to get to Nursia by evening?

I have an American license so could drive but  with gas and rental might be cheaper to just fly to Rome and go by train? or blabla?

I am hoping to fly out of Rome on the 7th at 12:45 in the afternoon – does that seem possible with trains?

Works for me!

I’ll book my travel this weekend to arrive in Matera evening of the 4th.

would love to come!

I am looking into the various travel possibilities. By when would you need to know for sure if I can make it or not?


Perhaps Aug 20th?

You are of course welcome to come, @mariabyck. I think we need to tell them by the 20th of August. Will that work?

yes that works

Will let you know by then.



I will be able to come along! I arrive in Bari on September 2.

Looking forward to this. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help with preparations?