We have the first volunteer for the core team (that was fast)

I wasn’t able to join the first webinar or apply for residence but I would love to contribute to the core team. I am originally from Bulgaria (emigrated to Norway by way of USA and UK). I have experience with big data, data modelling, sff writing (which explores time and our relationship to it), and my biggest project right now is creating what I call the Time-Collapse Support Group – a group to help people manage their increasingly-complex relationship with time. My other interests are migration, critical theory, disability, and non-binary gender rights. Does it look like there is an area I can contribute along those lines?

I would induce her/him/them (goes by Dany on Edgeryders). Extra overhead is going to be minimal, if we work in written/async/remote mode, as we do. What do you guys think? @Joriam @yudhanjaya

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Though I think this person sounds awesome and particularly the Time-Collapse project sounds fantastic, I’m a bit reticent to invite anybody in at this very moment. We got a very tight deadline for the 7th and onboarding takes time and energy, even if its benefits outweighs the costs in the long haul.

Ok, let’s say that we give ourselves a bit of time then. Closed doors until Dec 7th, then some selective induction into the core team. After the “collab space ready” milestone (circa end of Jan), everyone welcome. Works?

I agree with @Joriam - lets keep coordination costs overhead to a minimum right now.

+1 from me. Given their expertise and interests, there will be plenty of spaces for them to plus into come Jan.