We need a better name!

Traditionally, EU projects have acronyms like INSITE or D-CENT, or short names like P2Pvalue.

Does anybody have a suggestion for our project’s short name? FutureCare is a bit generic… ping especially the designers: @zoescope and @Cristina_Martellosio.

carethacker - Future of Care in the Hands of Hackers

(As a variation on caretaker …), maybe spelled differently …

Or do we necessarily need something that’s an abbreviation of the whole title?

Not bad!

No, I think the acronym thing is just a tradition. Maybe a better way to think of this is as a shortname.

A possibility would be to think of compound words with the word “care” in it:

  • carefree
  • careful
  • caretaker, like in Guy's idea

And then build acronyms around it. CA in care is a natural for Collective Awareness:

Collective Awareness REdesigning For […]

Sometimes non-English words are a better match. Anyway, no big deal.

I sort of like it…



Well, everything we need is there (we could possibly change it to “focaha”).

I found it after browsing a bit and singing the project title in my mind. “fokaha” is a word from Maghreb referring to religious authorities I guess, also thought of as lawyers or so. Don’t know whether the original meaning is in the way …


How about OPEN CARE?

OPEN CARE: Open Participatory Engagement in Collective Awareness for REdesign of Care Services. We also now are the proud owners of twitter.com/op3ncare :))

Nicely done you guys!

I like Guy’s approach: just make your acronym, chances are it will be word in some language! smiley But I do think OPENCARE is simpler and more catchy.

I’m loving it :slight_smile:

I vote for OPEN CARE !!!



I changed it in the proposal.

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