Web of trust

A meeting point where people who use encrypted communication can exchange and validate their public keys. It’s like a minor-grade key signing party.

If you don’t use encrypted email but would like to start, I can help you with Thunderbird and Enigmail. I am a newbie myself, so if @Matthias, @hexayurt or other people with better technical knowledge of GPG and crytpo in general show up, I will gladly defer to them for the technical part.

Date: 2014-10-06 09:20:00 - 2014-10-06 09:20:00, Europe/Brussels Time.

Moving this to the unConference

Thanks @Nadia and @HKaplinsky for wanting to attend this session. We are running out of slots, so I guess we will move it to the Sunday unConference. Will that work?


works for me.

Me too

I would like to learn to use encrypted email and would be grateful to whoever has time to teach. The exchange part I don’t understand, would people share their keys to open up encrypted communication between them in the future? Sorry if the question is silly, I am preparing by reading the wikipedia links… although to understand a whole entry I need to click on key words and read new entries, and so on. this should be fun.