Webinar: "The 27 mysteries of The Reef's IT" - 22/11/2022 at 7 pm

Only 27 you say? I know. There are probably 83 or so more, but we gotta start somewhere :grinning:

@reeflings: next week Alberto and I will be hosting a webinar during which we’ll look into some dummy (me) and expert (Alberto) issues that might puzzle you in your use of Nextcloud and this forum.

Based on my own struggles I sort of have an outline in my head, but please feel free (and encouraged!) to post your questions in the thread below.

The invite can be found in the Nextcloud calendar.


Great initiative! very needed! Will do my best to attend!

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Greatly needed indeed!
I was really looking forward to this, but won’t be available on that day.
Would it possible to record the webinar?

@Sarah, this stuff is best when interactive rather than “canned” in a recording. You could just ask @manuelpueyo or @Pieter or me for a one-on-one.

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@Lee , just a heads-up you got the year wrong in the title! Which might mean new Reeflings will just be scrolling past it looking for relevant threads for them right now.

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The post at the beginning of this thread now updated to reflect things we might want to talk about.

OTOH we made a bit of a mistake: there is no way to confirm attendance on the calendar invite. Can we get a show of hands from @reef-exploring ? Who plans to come?

Things you might want to find out about:

  • An overview of digital channels.
  • How to be a good digital Reefling: communicate effectively, while avoiding overwhelming your future housemates.
  • How to get just the right amount of notifications.
  • Calendars: never miss a meeting again (unless you intended to).
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Good stuff @alberto!

Sadly I made a bad calendar glitch, so I won’t be able to make it. Sorry!

That being said, I think there may be scope for an advanced users’ session maybe later on. Things I struggled with myself:

  • Nextcloud:

    • How to share a link (public and private)
    • Navigating a document => automatic headings & navigation pane
    • Using tracked changes: when and how?
    • Complex editing => downloading and re-uploading a document
    • Finding a document => using the search function
    • Keeping track of what’s been going on => the activity log
  • Edgeryders forum:

    • Quoting people
    • Formatting text
    • Editing a post
    • Finding posts (search function, labels)
    • Making sense of all the symbols in the notifications box on the top right
    • Sending a private message
    • Reading a message, thinking “I can’t deal with this right now” => setting a reminder
    • Tagging people: when to do it

Anybody encountered any other problems or mysteries?

Finally, for those who like to read up, we have manuals on a couple of these topics. The full list can be found in the Onboarding Package (internal link).

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Hey, was the webinar cancelled then? It was still scheduled in the NextCloud agenda, and therefore in my agenda, but I’m the only one on the link

Hello, yes. I asked for confirmations, but no one confirmed. Sarah and Ugné were interested but could not make it, so I cancelled it. Very sorry – should have communicated it better – and happy to give you a one-on-one.

Ok :slight_smile: I just saw it in the calendar and thought it was come if you like thing. Thanks for offering a one to one. I’ll check what questions I have this weekend and get back to you, maybe we could just do a quick one after the next finance meeting?

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@reef-it i would be interested in a one-on-one or and “intermediate level user” webinar :slight_smile:

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same here :slight_smile: Thank you!

Flagging my interest in another webinar/tutorial on the Reef’s IT :slight_smile:

Interested too ! (more the general one than the 1 to 1 version)

Interested in the general webinar for beginners. Thanks!