Website - fixes / tweaks?

@hugi, tagging you into some user feedback:

Blank pages for Edgeryders and Edgeryders, both followed from main website.

Someone went down the ‘introduce yourself’ route and ended up with a blank page (odd). We should probably have some text there inviting people to create an Edgeryders account etc and explain how the wiki structure works in a short para.

Will keep updating this as more people chime in

Could you point me to the exact links? The reason for this is that links to other topics in the forum post that correspond to that site are formatted as /t/15454 instead of This formatting works on the platform, but it won’t work when a platform post is used for the website. Ping @alberto and @ivan, in case you’ve been using such formatting of links.

Same problem as above, but I know what post and link it is, so can fix it.

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I use it all the time :frowning:

Not a solvable problem, I’m afraid. At least not without a complicated parser. When /t/15315 is passed to the website, the way a browser works is to assume that this is shorthand for a route on the current root domain.

@pcawdron, could you describe the path you took?

Actually, both reports may have been regarding
And in that case, it’s now fixed!

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