Weekly Community Call: every Thursday at 11:00 CEST

Meet other community members, learn what’s happening in the community and ask for help with your own projects during the Weekly Community Call on Skype. 

To join the call: Add edgeryders to your list of Skype contacts so we can add you into the group call.

What do we do in the calls?

  • Catch up with the latest events and news from the community members
  • Onboard new Edgeryders
  • Get to know one another and learn about each other's projects
  • Meet new inspiring people
  • Find opportunities to join interesting initiatives
  • Support each others work
  • Keep one another motivated
  • Have a nice time together

Community calls are a great way to come together, inspire one another, and help each other peer to peer.

This week we will follow up on a question that emerged during last week’s community call (summary here): How can we ensure that all contributions made to projects co-created within a community are acknowledged and rewarded once the project advances?

Join this event every Thursday at 11 AM CET: Let us know you will be attending and add “Edgeryders” on Skype so we can add you to the group call.

…or fast forward through recaps of all community calls.

See you in the call!


Date: 2015-04-23 09:00:00 - 2015-04-23 10:00:00, Europe/Brussels Time.


hi @Nadia and everyone, I might join and say hi, mostly in the listening and catching up mode, I think you have my Skype, Hugs

Time Zone Conflict

I might well be the only one on here from North America… and worse… on the pacific coast. Would love to listen in… is there a recording afterward? Can’t say I function at 2am. unless there is serious music involved and even then…

No need…

Hello @insightdawnajones@gmail.com, good to meet you. No recording, but if you definitely want to attend we can move one of the calls to the afternoon to accommodate you (and hopefully other fellow Americans).

Also, there are notes: https://edgeryders.eu/en/agora/fast-forward-through-community-calls-april-dec-2015

Was nice seeing everyone thanks Adela for facilitating the call!


Tomorrow’s agenda

Hi everyone, I’m organising tomorrow’s community call and I would like to suggest a discussion about an upcoming Lote5 and how we could start laying the groundwork in order to build capacity for organising it as a community, like we always did. I would also like to brainstorm a little what kind of person and skillsets are needed for coordination or who in the community might want to take on the coordination (paid) role.

I hope @nat and @pacheca will join us, as we have been in touch lately and this would be a good chance to catch up :slight_smile:

See you tomorrow at 11 cet on skype! (instructions are in the event description above)

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Hey  :-) I would love to!

But I’m afraid I can’t cause I’m working…

9 to 5.30 job my friend.

Do you want to catch up on the weekend?..

I’ll possibly be able to meet on the first week of May because I’ll be down South on Holidays.

Unless I’m wireless giving a dive in the Atlantic! ;- )

hugs to all,



No worries

Aww, that’s too bad… was looking forward to speaking somewhere else than through (lonely!) emailing. Not sure about the upcoming weekend, maybe Sunday morning if I’m in town, I’ll ping you. Plus keep you posted on developments.

If not maybe set up a community call in a week night? Again, Thu mornings remained traditional, but there’s nothing stopping anyone from proposing new times… #justsayin