Weekly Community Call : Thursdays at 11:00 CEST on skype

Here is the raw audio: SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds you can link a comment to a specific time in the audio.

Hi all,

To all newcomers on Edgeryders, this is an opportunity for you to meet the community and get involved in different projects happening at the moment: Future Makers Nepal, Spot the Future Bucharest and many others.

We’re slowly but surely starting to build Living on the Edge #5, our yearly annual event. We start with a blank slate: “A lot remains unknown about where, when and how the event would look like, but that is always part of the work with Edgeryders” - Natalia’s call for this year’s team.

… here’s what we discussed at the last community call and where we are now.

If you want to propose something in this week’s call agenda, please leave a comment below. See you Thursday morning at 11 cet on skype -> add edgeryders to your list of contacts and we’ll call everyone!

UPDATE: the next call is on May 21st!

Date: 2015-05-21 09:00:00 - 2015-05-21 09:00:00, Europe/Brussels Time.

Before I forget

@Iriedawta and other Armenia related people. I have a couple of contacts to people around this head of university in Hamburg. He has Armenian roots - though I am not sure how embedded he still is in Armenian culture and society, but I could imagine him endorsing or supporting ER projects if they are somewhat relevant (it is a technical university). I have to admit that up to now I now very little about Armenia myself though.

Also perhaps someone wants to do a brief translate of his wiki page, his forte is “white biotech”, e.g. microbes, yeast, etc. In principle cool for hackerspaces and the like. I probably will forget this bit again during the community call so if someone is interested, poke me. :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot @trythis for the lead! I don’t have any relevant project in mind yet but I will get back to you if I find anything once I go to Armenia in the beginning of June! Armenians are everywhere(though i’m the only one from Armenia living in Morocco) and they do keep up their culture and heritage no matter where they are, so i’m sure this contact could be useful! cool

Which language has the wiki to be translated to? The Armenian version has many errors, not sure if it’s automatic translate or human errors.



Translation into English and Armenian makes

most immediate sense to me. I guess I’d have to do German -> English. Unless I can nudge his assistant to do it for me…

The translation you saw was the google translate of the German version. It usually has lots of small error as well as some nasty one (depending also on the grammar of the languages). It usually is a good idea to let GT do e.g. German -> Armenian -> German, that way I would have a rough idea of what GT messed up - especially if I know the context a little. I didn’t do that though.

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I can definitely correct the Armenian version and translate it into English! Will get to it sometime next week!

Sound recording of community call

Hey all,

I had planned to make a quick and dirty audio record of the community call and put it online here. I explain the reasons for this a little here. If someone is not comfortable with that I would appreciate if you think about an arrangement we can make, ideally before the call.


Link to audio



My summary from the call today

  1. Both Future Makers and the Edgeryders community as a whole need a meta strategy, roadmap and tools for making collaboration attractive and sustainable at scale.

  2. The reason is that becoming really good at using our limited resources efficiently is a winning evolutionary strategy  (see Grayson Energy Matrix and >Irruptive growth). Collaboration between different actors is a good way to pool and make very efficient use of resources to help each other become more resilient.

  3. In light of this possible valuable outcome/producta of Future Makers that the existing and new community members would get excited about contributing to is a collaboration generator: people go in, something happens, collaborations come out.

  4. Another possible valuable outcome/product of Future Makers is a relationship builder: that people get to (quantifiably) connect and build new relationships (see our Edgesense Network Visualisation tool and Cairo Tech Map).

  5. @Iriedawta is considering taking the lead on driving #LOTE5

  6. Something was decided (I think) about community calls and how to manage the different expectations? If someone wants to see a community call next week, they are encouraged to craft an invitation to the community and post it in events and then update the Community News Calendar. Please do this a couple of days in advance so we can get word out to everyone in time.

  7. We should figure out how to use the mailing list less frequently and mostly when we are working towards events like LOTE5. Otherwise we both risk undermining engagement on the platform and repetition. Moving forward we focus more on using social media  and engagement on the platform better.


community call today?

Do we have a community call today? If so, I need to change laptop :).

Not that I know of

This event is dated 21 May. I haven’t put a new one up because I knew I wouldnt be able to make it. Probably the same with others…