Weekly Dev Clinic - Monday 29/03/21

Hello everyone -


To try to address support queries better (webkit, forms) I’ll be doing a drop-in call on Monday 15th March. This is for anyone who needs something to be fixed, has found a bug, or just has general questions on how a feature works.

You can join the call tomorrow between 17:00 and 18:00 (CET). I’ll post the link on Google Meet here a half hour beforehand. Tag anyone you think might need to drop in.

Google Meet link (17:00): meet.google.com/zqz-kgje-bfp

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Will be there!

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@owen just a question to make the most of that.

I want to create a new simple website for Masters of Networks 5. I would like to do that before the clinic, so I can use it in case something does not work. Can you point me to the latest version of the documentation? I ask because you seem to have made changes since I wrote this. In particular, the default configuration post seems to have changed.

@alberto - most of that documentation is correct, in that a template for the current version should have a <config>, <header> and <content> tags. The easiest way to get something up would be to copy the existing research or econscifi template and update the contents accordingly.

However you are right that there are imminent changes to the way these pages are set up, and that is currently part of the work I am involved with @nadia on. When I advised to draft the Reef page as a simple post with h2 tags to delineate each section, it’s because that will be the default way of making pages moving forward. You can preview the page you drafted on the staging server at the moment.

For a full example with header image, buttons, title, text and components, look at the new markup for the Scifi-Economics page:

Markup: https://edgeryders.eu/t/introduction/15452/
Preview: Edgeryders | The Reef


  • If you need a shareable, working page now use one of the current webkit posts as a template.
  • If it can wait until next week, draft a simple post like with the Reef page. With the next update to live.edgeryders.eu it will be publicly available - and you can expect that to be ready between now and Friday.

Documentation will be updated when the first stage of development work with @nadia is complete.

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Updated with link to Meet room.

For those that want to drop in, the Meet link stays the same this week.

cc / @nadia, @alberto


Same link, same time today (in 30 mins) for those who want to join :slight_smile:

cc / @nadia, @alberto, @hugi

No need for me this time. Thanks!

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I will be hosting the same call today (in 30 mins) and showing some Webkit features - same link as usual - starts at 17:00.

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