Weekly meeting from now until we submit

Hi all, we’re in our last and the hardest month, so better keep a tight process to make sure every organisation in the consortium understands what is required from them. We in Edgeryders propose we have a meeting every week until we submit.

How’s Thursday mornings, say at 10 AM CET 9 AM CET?

We’d be starting next week, March 12th.


What should we be achieving until then? (1) Agree on the Work Packages and (2) build a list of activities and budget for each.

Let me know if it works for you of if you badly need to adjust the time (in case of special requests, I volunteer to keep an open line the rest of the days). I will then add the dates to a google calendar and send you each an invitation with the link.

Date: 2015-03-12 08:00:00 - 2015-03-12 08:00:00, Europe/Brussels Time.

Changed at 9 am cet

I remembered I had a flight around noon, so better be safe :slight_smile:

That is 8 am in the UK…

…so that might give the British pause!

Hi all, today we have uploaded a spreadsheet with WP and a budget (only for WeMake). Thursday at 9 I have an other meeting so unfortunately I will not be able to participate to the conference call. Zoe or Costantino will attend the weekly meeting for Wemake.

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Will do

Thanks Cristina and great work by the way! sure, we’ll have your colleagues brief us and following that, I will send you an invitation to the next meeting later this week… same for the others this month.


I have a flight 1130 (CET) so before that if possible (then I can take the call in the lounge).

BTW, is there anything that we need to prepare (or finish) before the call?

Sounds good

OK, would 9:30 work for you? @markomanka also confirmed via email.

Erik, if you look at the event description above I linked to two things we need to get done by then… any suggestions or doubts feel free to join the conversations in those threads. If you agree with your work package as proposed by Alberto, go ahead and make up a list of activities and tentative budget you think you will need…

As early as possible on Thu March 12

I have a meeting at 11am CET, for which I’ll need to bring all my brain and energy together. So 9:30am CET is simply too late, 9am CET would do (assuming 2 hours is sufficient). I am ready to start the meeting real early, I would suggest 8am CET.

I understand starting at 8am is just … crazy. 9am is probably the earliest possible. Why don’t we plan for a second call session the next day as well?

Notes from meeting are up!

Everyone, please check in and let us know if anything is missing:

The proposal is for next week to meet Thursday at 10 AM CET on skype, as for some like @sociotechnicalmike is much easier. So no harm in trying.

Great work!

Thanks everyone! I went through the notes and added my comments there.

I like the spirit of @sociotechnicalmike's proposal (even though I don’t understand all of it – see notes). I think it has the right kind of fresh, radical thinking.