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reading and posting :slight_smile:

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Hei all,

So we discussed with @hires about the possibility of posting the German updates through facebook ads targeted at Germans. This is an approach in progress.

As a page manager, he also now discovered that we could set a normal post by our facebook page to appear only to the German audience - he is going to try that and report back on how it goes! Thanks for the find D.!


Wonderful, thank you @noemi!

I will be coordinating with @Richard about first prototypes of facebook ads to use and I can add insights on the results of the first campaigns here.

I just posted the first one, and scheduled the next 3 over the next two weeks - always with the audience restricted to German speaking. I can’t actually see the posts myself until I change the facebook display language to German, but this is how it looks like (direct link):

So far, so good from my side. I guess the question is to @noemi and the rest of the team to see if this negatively affects the Edgeryders brand in any way, or whether this could also be a tactic for the other countries to use.

Happy Monday everyone!


im kind of iffy about this kind of incentive because the prize is not aligned with the topic or mission of the initiative. Also, Ipads as prizes is too luxury-commercial for my taste.

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I see your points, and I agree, it’s not an ideal situation.

We spent a lot of time exploring how to give people a cash prize incl loops with @marina and @noemi, but it seemed that this was virtually impossible between the different regulations of the university and the EU, and if people had to produce an invoice for the prize, it would probably mean that this is taxable income of the “winners”, which then would probably not allow us to legally talk about winners, on the other hand making a payment conditional on a “selection” might not be defensible as “work”.

Just as some extra context to this compromise we found. Happy to discuss further if you see this as a critical issue that needs to be addressed of course!


@stefanoboski here are the campaign materials that ought to be pushed out quite intensively over the next days over all the channels we have in the buffer incl my own linkedin

URGENT! 1/2 - Next Generation Practices for Remote Work and Distributed Organisation event, takes place nov 30**

  • Promotion: People who register and answer a few questions before the event get a sneak peak of our new book https://tell.edgeryders.eu/14872

  • #anywhereorg

  • Flyers:

2/2 - December 7th: WORLD BUILDING ACADEMY**

Press Release for worldbuilding academy event on December 7, 2020 : The Worldbuilding Academy: An open source laboratory which imagines the future of economics 1

Registration Form: https://tell.edgeryders.eu/14783

Video trailer for the event: https://vimeo.com/481641392

Editorials/ Featured blog posts: blog

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Thanks Nadia; consider it done.

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Is it just me or do other also have the feeling that when they edit the main post here with the links for the outreach that it get slower and slower, pointing at discourse having to work rather hard with a very long post? (Or is this a probelme of my computer?) If yes, maybe we should think about “cleaning out” the list from tome to time and m oving the old links in an archive post after 2 month or so? (Would also make it easier in terms of scrolling up and down when editing)

hmm dunno? I didnt notice anything?

Seems to work ok for me. Try a reboot first to clean out the buffers?

this is the next major #ngi4eu event which we need to start promoting from tomorrow. Help?

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No problem, I’ll have posts on this going out from today.

From Maria: “Due to Eriks experince working with a tech company to include his research it might be extra interessting to people developing an application or online service/project. And also maybe for people thinking about if they should get their child a device for christmas or not”

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Also for this week @stefanoboski How public authorities in Sweden works with, procure and finance cloud services

Dear @stefanoboski,

here a few additional flyers to send out for the AMA event this Wednesday. They should go out today or tomorrow I guess.

Please add this text to them:

Erik Bohjort is a Psychologist at PBM working in the field of Behavioural Insights. His research explores topics such as: Behaviour change, Digital education, Behavioural insights, Nudging, Psychology. On the 9th of December 18:30 - 19:30 he will be available to answer all of your questions and engage in discussions, conversations and maybe even a bit of therapy with you. Directly here on the forum via live chat Sign up here: https://tell.edgeryders.eu/14917 #ngi4eu

Here is also a little video and a GIF with the different questions iterating:

ping @nadia here are the additional flyers.

An here is Eriks own introduc tion post:

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@stefanoboski, can you please confirm that you have seen the post above and send out those flyers via social media channels?

@nadia you had a retweet of the first one from NGI, how do we best connect to that?

@stefanoboski hi did you see Maria’s comment above with content for promoting the event tomorrow?

The live chat will happen here, where Erik personally introduced himself:

@nadia @MariaEuler apologies, I was on location all day yesterday so did not get a chance to check my emails and messages until now. Thanks for these, I’ll add them to all the scheduled posts for the rest of today and tomorrow morning.

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thank you :).