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hi everyone. Tiago and I have been discussing the possibility of offering organisations in different countries to purchase/finance an Edgeryders foresight exercise. as it looks like we have secured a first client for three countries, now seems a hood time to package a commercial offer and sell it to more clients. It makes sense to move the conversation from email to the grop. welcome Tiago, maybe post the questions and ideas you have as comments below so others can also answer through links etc…?

Long live!

Great news! Now with [Tiago] in Madrid, [Simonedb] in Milano and [Nadia] all over the globe the Spot the Future roll out is starting to look solid. Looking forward to this!


Yay, great news! You guys are taking on quite a challenge, but it’s amazing to see how it all unfolds. I’m hoping this will be a great learning experience. Welcome Tiago!!

ciao tiago

room mate at stratsbourg…PIgs countries are the best ;_)

a first case would be great then also to promote and generate others. so lets thing about it in the most useful way as possible


Big hug to all! :slight_smile:

Hello everyone,

It’s pretty cool to be able to be part of this! However, I am still trying to get a grip on the project “Spot the Future” and what “Foresight Exercise” exactly means. So to be clear, here is what I have understood until now. Do correct me please in this rather simplistic way of putting it:

  1. Identifying social innovation initiatives in a specific territory (through surveys, geolocation, calls, ...)
  2. Visualization/communication of the relevant activities (events, networks, ...)
  3. Collective participation/stimulating communities (cocreating new solutions, projects, ...)

Is this anywhere close to what we’re trying to do here?

If so, I am connected to Somos Más, a group of people (mainly colombians) that have been doing just this for the past 10 years. There is a project they’ve done in Colombia called Hilando also in the social innovation context which seems to fit the methodology stated above. 

I’d like to contribute but first need to grasp it!

THANKS and wonderful week to all!