Welcome and Thanks to Silvia

Welcome Silvia [s.colandrea1] and thanks a lot for updating the Social Media Celendar and offering your help in translations to Italian !!!

We also appreciete your help in anything related to local knowledge we should have about Matera. I will invite you to another group in which we can discuss everything about Matera and all kinds of useful local information.

Thanks again and Welcome :slight_smile:

Please join the Matera practical arrangements group :slight_smile:

Hi Silvia, as a local you have a lot of informations to share, you can post all useful information in this group, its for those who would like to know more about Matera and prepare well to the Lote3 event :slight_smile:

Please join this group as well :slight_smile:


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Big up!

[s.colandrea1] thanks so much from me as well.

hope all is well with you and maybe you can join us on Friday’s community call? This is the hangout link, everyone will show up there on Friday 11 am cet: goo.gl/JuNFc Hope to meet you in person!