Welcome Lucyanna, short introduction to Vilfredo

Hello [lucyanna], thanks for joining this project.

Vilfredo is a system that tries to explore the space of possible answers to an open question.

The system works through successive approximations. Each round is called a generation, and each generation is divided into a writing phase and a voting phase.

As such users are invited to propose answers (voting phase), vote each other answer (voting phase), and through some matemagic, a subset of the proposals that represent each and every body is presented to the next generation. Then the participants are asked to propose again trying to integrate, modify, correct, merge, the existing proposals.

Respect to your model, Vilfredo would be a tool the specialists to really explore the possibilities out there. I think it would work quite well with some traditional voting system that would let everybody evaluate the last set of proposals and make them available for vote.



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Thanks for welcoming me into the group

I truly appreciate you welcoming me in the group. I heard before about Vilfredo goes to Athens, but didn’t have the chance to try it myself. I’d love to however.

I’d also like to have the chance to actually be part of a team who tests direct democracy on a larger community ( I understood this is also your goal). Are there any chances for that to happen in the near future ?

Thanks a lot,


The next steps

Dear Luciana [Lucyanna],

thanks for your interest.

Finally after several years Vilfredo is starting to gather attention, and yes we need, welcome, look forward and when possible organise all the tests we can do. We follow a slow progress philosophy where we do not try a test with 40 people until we are confident with 30. Right now we just did a 30 person test, which went so and so. But it was quite clear that the system could easily handle 20 people. So we shall keep on trying to push our limit slowly. Also in th next week I will be working on an english tutorial to place in youtube. By now I gave a couple of presentations, recording the audio. So I need to take that, merge t with the slides and make the video. It’s good work.

If you think you have specific ways in which you could help with the project let me know. And I will get you in touch with the relevant person.