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Hello all,

I have prepared a very very simple welcome page for OpenCare. A logo and sophisticated stuff will follow. What matters now is to have a placeholder and a call to action, especially since we have already started talking about it. You will find it here:


@Costantino, can you redirect opencare.cc to this page?

Everyone, use the comments to this post to suggest improvements, or even rewrite the whole thing, I do not mind.

Also, and for the same page: can I have links to everyone’s logos? Ideally, both in long and square format. Thanks!

Comms? = How we create a constituency for OpenCare

The question of what to put on the welcome page, and what calls to action to make, are based on how we want/can go about creating buy-in from actors which we wish to see engaged.

The first calls for action could be from the Municipality of Milan.,

An invitation to participate in the first ever research conference on community driven care. Tickets are secured through contribution of feed forward stories to the February conference (they can do so either by inviting the OpenCare Mobile lab team to their city, or running a social lab themselves and submitting the findings).

A.  Individuals and grassroots initiatives in Milano (and other cities) are invited to explore the current condition of their care services as seen from their perspective as citizens

…in the form of feed forward stories. They can do this themselves, or invite the OpenCare team to set camp in their community for a number of weeks, and do it together…

i) Collect and interpret the stories of citizens’ lives and their experienced challenges.

ii) As a follow-up the OpenCare team evaluates collectively with the public and chases emerging thematic threads up to institutional levels.Our research should answer two questions: How much are “we” spending? and are “we” happy with outcomes?

iii) The unexpected meetups between previously disconnected stories and disconnected people give rise to a new ideas for actions and prototypes. Contributors of selected feed forward stories are invited to the hackathon where a cross disciplinary team can help co-develop working prototype.

B. City administrations/ policy/gov labs in other cities are invited to submit case study presentations about relevant projects at the conference.

They are also welcome to invite the OpenCare mobile lab to their city for x amount of time (they have to cover costs of travel, accommodation, workspace/vehicle and materials) to produce feed forward stories for their city.

All participants are invited to run practical workshops in which participants can learn about a relevant methodology or tool that were used to in the presented projects.

Selected participants get their travel costs to LOTE5 covered 

…and their contribution published(no idea if this is feasible but could we produce some kind of academic publication out of the conference papers via one or more of your institutions @Lakomaa ,@melancon, @markomanka?)


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Typo and logos

Hi Alberto,

cool intro,

in the following sentence I edited Kaser with Laser:

  • augment them with state-of-the-art maker technology (3D printing, kaser  laser cutting, biohacking…)

here’s the two logos: square and rectangular




@alberto done!