Welcome Peter Bihr - our first IoH/NGI Fellow

Internet of Things expert Peter Bihr has been contributing here in the Internet of Humans category for some weeks now, but today we are so pleased to introduce him as an IoH Fellow. Peter will be contributing here in a number of ways, including participating in our community calls, so you will have plenty of good opportunity to interact with him.

Peter Bihr explores the impact of emerging technologies, and how to put them to work responsibly and for the public good. Peter is the founder and Managing Director of The Waving Cat, a boutique research, strategy & foresight company. He co-founded and chairs the board of ThingsCon e.V., a global community for IoT practitioners that advocates for a human-centric & responsible Internet of Things. Peter was a Mozilla Fellow (2018-19), and named a Top 100 Influencer in IoT (Postscapes). He blogs at thewavingcat.com.


Thanks for the kind introduction, @johncoate. So happy to be part of this community. And of course, anyone who’d like to chat, hit me up anytime either here, on Twitter or via email (peter@thewavingcat.com). Looking forward to the next few months with all of you!


Hei Peter, good to meet you, and have a nice journey ahead!

I’m hoping to be able to attend one of your community calls, very interested in how you will approach them, as I host some for another project.
Ping @natalia_skoczylas: we should have Aska and Miko scheduling calls in same way as Peter will be introducing new areas for discussion in IoH.


Welcome to the world of Edgeryders!