Welcome to our new members!

I am happy to report to all @reeflings that today’s general assembly of The Reef ASBL approved the candidacies of four new associate members: @Pieter, @Sarah, @ChrisM and @Mas. Welcome, you all! We will be in touch separately to let you know what, if any, paperwork is missing from our side.

Anyone else has decided to become an associate member, please let us know (an email to cohousing@thereef.com is enough), we will put your candidacy to the next GA.



Following up to announce that @RalfWetzel also has requested associate membership, yay! His candidacy will be approved in the next GA.

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Today the GA approved the two new associate members @Sophie_Beese and @RalfWetzel. Welcome, welcome! We’ll be in touch separately to let you know about any missing paperwork, as we did with the previous batch.

With this, Wave 1 members of The Reef ASBL outnumber the founders 6 to 4. Which is something to celebrate :slight_smile:


@RalfWetzel, could you please add your personal presentation fiche (internal link)? Thanks!