Welcome to the unMonastery!

Dear All,

as unMonastery is hosting LOTE4, it seems like a good idea to share information about the building and our activities during the unConference.

The Building

Most of you are probably familiar with the upper part of the building. This set of rooms and bathrooms now function as the residential and work area of the unMonasterians. Please respect our need to rest and work away from the crowd during the gathering. The downstairs part of the building, the “caves”, include the kitchen, 3 semi-continuous spaces for sessions, and 2 bathrooms. These spaces are public, and just as much yours as ours. We are happy to have you! Please note that the entire building closes at around 11pm, to make sure we get a good night sleep before our morning bell goes off at 7am.


All of our beds are claimed (learn more on how they were allocated). Unfortunately, we are unable to provide accommodation to more people. if you need assistance, please contact @Natalia_Skoczylas, she will help you find something.

The Kitchen:

We will prepare food - breakfast, lunch and dinner - for all LOTE participants between the evening of the 23rd until the evening of the 26th of October. To better estimate how much we need to cook, please sign your name on the list posted in the kitchen for each dinner (and indicate number of guests if applicable). To avoid producing too much waste, it would be great if you can bring at least a cup for yourself, and a plate and utensils also, if it is possible. We will have plastic cups, plates, etc for people who cannot bring their own. If you need a napkin, please bring a textile one.

As you can imagine, since we are feeding 60+ people, we will need a hand! Here is what we think it will take in terms of hands/time involvement:


  • SHOPPING (2 people/day = 1.5 hour)

  • BREAKFAST CLEANUP + garbage (2 person/day= 30 minutes)

  • LUNCH CLEANUP + garbage (2 person/day= 60 minutes)

  • DINNER COOKING (as many as possible, at least 5 = 2 hours)

  • DINNER CLEANUP (5 person/day = 2 hours)

  • DINNERTIME garbage (2 person/day = 30 minutes )

Please leave a comment if you would like to be added to the list, specifying which group you prefer to help in! You will also be able to add yourself to the team on the spot, as soon as you arrive at Lote4.


To make sure they are clean, we will have a sign-up sheet to form teams.


We select and recycle all our waste. There is a secondary raw material station with signs in the kitchen - we will also post a more detailed explanation. If you don’t know what to do, just ask an unMonasterian.

The unMonasterians:

You probably know some of us, but we will also wear a scarf to be recognisable. Once we have them, we will post a picture, so you know what to look out for.

Our traditions:

We have a morning circle at around 8am, and a closing circle around 11pm. You are most welcome to join. Rules will be explained on site. Morning practice takes place on our balcony facing the gravina at 7.45, also open to all. Should you wish to try your hand at being an unMonasterian, please bring along a small stone - a talking piece* - to accompany your conversations. One of our most important traditions is sharing our meals - this is why we decided to cook for LOTE. We would be honoured if you decided to join us. Another important aspect of our stay in Matera was to make our best effort to meet, get to know, and involve local people. If you have friends in town, please bring them along.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

(@Ben, @Kei, @Bembo_Davies, @mariabyck, @julianavanh, @Marc - I just typed it up, please feel free to add/edit as you think fit - this is to inform all LOTE participants about what to expect at the unMonastery. @Noemi, @Natalia_Skoczylas, do you think anything is missed?)

*The talking piece is passed around the circle and the person holding the talking piece is the only one speaking.  The holder of the talking piece is speaking with intent and the rest of the circle is listening with attention.  Everyone in the circle has an opportunity to speak, and everyone has the right to pass the talking piece without speaking.  Choose a meaningful talking piece.


Looks great

Thanks @katalin, it makes for a good overview. Can’t wait for the day to coommmee :slight_smile:

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Thanks katalin

Looks great

Please sign me up for shopping duty.


A word on bed allocation process?

Great work, thanks @katalin!

At a community call three weeks ago, we agreed that the bed allocation process had to be transparent. I am very happy that this is now over, and it is crystal clear that people can not squat; however, one sentence on how they were assigned would be a reassurance on process transparency.

beds allocation

Yes, you are right, @Alberto! The process proved to be really simple, as we have 10 mattresses and 4 overflow spaces with cushions (=14 people - the list comes actually to 15, but Lucia has not confirmed yet). unMon Matera unMonasterians, people who have been working very hard in the last 9 months for unMonastery (the unDocumentary crew) and collaborators (Leo, Natalia) were given priority, and there was no space left.

  • 11 unMonasterians (Ben, Kei, Maria, Bembo, Juliana, Katalin, Jeff, Lauren, Gaia, Emanuella, Lucia)

  • Natalia - LOTE field coordinator, staying there for the whole of October

  • Nico, Alberto - unDocumentary

  • Leo - Kiderwind


Adding link to the wiki.