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Welcome To Lote Social Media Team. 

Hi, I’m [Dorotea] and I have volunteered to be a social media team coordinator. Just contact me is you have any questions concerning our social media strategies, and how can you get involved :slight_smile:

In this group we’ll be coordinating the social media for creating buzz around Lote.

Why should we coordinate? Because it might take too long and too big a time investment for each of us to follow everything that’s happening around Lote. Secondly, imagine if only 1 link is spread simultaneously by each of us to our personal networks, how much more impact we could make in terms of generating more excitement ?!!

Everyone is invited to Subscribe to the group to be officially part of the team and press Follow, also in the group homepage, to be notified when good news needs wings :slight_smile:

To coordinate what Lote news we spread on our personal channels, myself and Kushboo are up for posting (almost) daily content in the group (a one liner of communication + link) which you can easily see and share/reshare on your own social media profiles.

Thanks and Welcome :slight_smile:


Take a look at the Social Engagemant Timeline here:

Edgeryders: LOTE Social Engagement Timeline from Noemi Salantiu

Wow. You guys are awsome. I am so on board with this!

This. This is exactly the kind of thing that makes every single second spent working on Edgeryders so worth it for me. SOOOOO excited, let’s bring it!



Very, very good work. [Dorotea], I am really impressed! Thanks for this. I have subscribed and followed the group.

I would suggest an extra little thing to right away: for yourself, [elf Pavlik] and maybe another couple of people to support the early very encouraging reaction to the community’s letter to Materani. People are opening their homes: there’s even one guy who is letting us use his B&B for free! This needs, in my opinion, to be reinforced, and now it will have more impact than later. Nadia, Noemi and I have already reacted. You would do it like this:

  1. go the Matera 2019 Facebook page and leave a "thank you" message. Remember to quote the Edgeryders community. [Eimhin] has already done that.
  2. create an account on their community website (here). When you get authorized by the admin (like on Edgeryders, they have manual approval to fight spambots, but approval is normally very fast), navigate to Noemi's post and leave a comment to say "Hi, thanks for this, looking forward to meeting you in October!" Writing in English – or any other language, really, is perfectly ok, don't worry if you don't speak Italian.
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Thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks [Alberto] , it’s a great support from the local community, we’ll say Thank you to the people of Matera :slight_smile:

A little love goes a long way…

Yes. [Dorotea], knowing the people a little I am sure it will be hugely appreciated.

Do we have a list?

But first things first: everyone in the SMTeam needs to join the group, so they get email notification and come to be in the loop. An easy way to do it is to use mentions: for example, from your slide 3 I recognize [Toolosophy],  [Elena Karlsen], [davideagazzi], [immaginoteca], [BlondeValkyrie], [Hkjovin]… hey, guys, to be in the loop you have to join the group. Go here, then click on the “subscribe to this group” link (under the slides) and on the “Follow” button (the megaphone icon a little bit below).

Who else should be in here?

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to be or not to be

Actually I did not Know I was supposed to be part of the SM group but I’m happy to help.

I have to acknowledge that I’ve haven’t been doing that much for LOTE since I joined edgeryders so… please excuse me and… here I am :slight_smile:

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No obligations!

Hey Davide, when you completed your profile, you actually did volunteer… check it out :-). But if that was a mistake, or if you have changed your mind, no problem at all! We all understand one canot do everything. Just remove yourself from the group if that is the case, and we will not bother you again.

no no

you can count me in!

i really have to start contributing to the community from somwhere :wink:

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…just sent out a mail…

Hi #Alberto ,

I just copy pasted the list of SMT participants and mailed them the link and brief instruction to subscribe and follow as a foundation for the big push :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Great structure, great job!

Hi Elena!

Last Friday you mentioned something about setting up an Instagram account? or was it Pinterest? are you still up for it? either way, you can post it as a Task here in the group and maybe someone else can help and work on that? I think it would be great, myself I dont use smartphones, but for the people who do it might be a very fun way to get involved.

So to create a task just go to our social media group here, scroll down to “Create a post” blue button, and down-arrow: “Create a task”. You can describe what needs to be done and optionally assign it to someone.

Oh yes I’d love to run an instagram! I like using it myself an also in questo caso il mio italiano può essere soddisfacente: D