Welcoming new Rebel Ethnographers

Thanks @Wojt,
Good timing, we are talking to a couple of people and I’m happy to see if Olga is a good fit.
Can you send me her contact, in private? noemi[at]edgeryders[dot]eu
I can do this on Monday!

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Hi, @noemi.


Wrote to Olga and invited her to a call to introduce ourselves proper and explore a collaboration,
Will keep you posted, thanks again!


Just an update end of the week: we have 2 calls scheduled for next week with candidates for community management (and possibly journalist stories).
Mania is part of this process, so we will keep you notified.


Awesome! @Jan may want to participate? I don’t know if @Maniamana has already discussed with him, if so my apologies :slight_smile:

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I didn’t, apologies @Jan, I didn’t know I was supposed to ask you if Noemi didn’t already :smiley:

@amelia In addition to @ivan’s answer, I am planning an event Doing business in Czech Republic/Poland/Serbia. Each country should have its own event.

The goal is to gather small (and medium) business owners to discuss doing business in their country and to understand how they navigate through COVID-19 crisis and what are their expectations/plans for after the crisis. You can find more details on the link.

I think this event would be very interesting for the research as it combines COVID-19 crisis with work and employment topic.

The idea is to have present a host in the local language (ethnographer) and a community manager/journalist. Would that work for the @rebelethno team?


Great idea, I can reach out to my fellow entrepreneurs, some of whom have already voiced their opinions with some coverage in the press and other media. The issue is very topical here in Poland with the rise of civil disobedience in terms of small business compliance with Covid restrictions.


Hi @bojanbobic, for some reason I cannot access the link with more details.

It looks promising. What do you think, @Djan @jitka @Jirka_Kocian @SZdenek @Jan
I hope to have a community manager for Poland by the time to help organize the event! It might take more time than what you suggest in your timeline though @bojanbobic :wink:

@jitka.kralova It was in the closed workspace. You should be able to access it now. @Maniamana I agree. This is a proposed timeline which takes more or less the whole process of event preparation. From previous experiences, to have a well visited and fruitful event, 3 week promotion is needed. Promotion is combined with community management.
So, if we manage to get everybody on board during the next week, we could still be on proposed time.

Please, feel free to comment and suggest in the event thread. Better to keep everything there regarding this event.

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@amelia and @bojanbobic - I am teaching at the Department of Journalism (in Olomouc, CZ) for several years now. If you give me a more detailed description of what a community journalist should do and what skills and time capacities should posses, I can give some tips on my past students, or find someone currently enrolled.


Hi @SZdenek
Thank you for reaching out and offering help. This was the open call for journalists from October Open call for journalists from the Czech Republic, Poland and Serbia
We are currently redefining this role so some changes to the original call will be introduced.
I have to discuss details with @noemi and I will inform you about that.
In any case, if you can propose some people we would like to get in touch with them!
Thanks again :slight_smile:

@Richard, could we use your zoom link again today?

@rebelethno, we will check in at 2pm UK/3PM CET again today — agenda will be the field ethnographers (with any assistance they need from me) filling everyone in on their work plan. I’ll give an update on our thoughts re timeline for adding new team members. Then we can discuss a plan for the coding/anyone who wants to give an update on coding status can jump in.


No problem: https://ucl.zoom.us/j/4149496930

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Good morning, @rebelethno,

I’d like to invite you to tomorrow’s worldbuilding webinar.
@yudhanjaya, @Joriam and @alberto will be introducing participants to its spaces, production, mechanisms and purposes.
I think it is the best opportunity to get a quick hook on the project since your insights will be fundamental for building possible POPREBEL districts.

It starts tomorrow at 5 PM CET and lasts 1hr. The registration form is here. Once you register I will send you the Zoom link.

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Hi @rebelethno
I am sorry but I won’t be able to make it to today’s meeting.
Could you please record it for me, or just pass me the minutes afterwards?
Quick update from me: I am continuing doing interviews (I uploaded the first two transcripts in the protected category Czech interviews) and mapping the digital space of newly emerging populist actors. For more details on my research, you can check here. I will also add a brief summary for each interview in English, in the same category.


Thanks for the update @jitka.kralova!

Meeting link here:

I would very much appreciate the English summary, thanks Jitka!

I’ll be uploading them over here.
You should be able to find the the first two. :slight_smile: