We've got a workspace - please join us

We’ve got serious about it - this week we created a memorandum of understanding where we divided our roles in the team and pledged time and work. We, for now, is @Noemi, @Alex_Levene and me.

We have our Trello board up and ready - and we invite everyone from the community who wants to work with us to join, see how we do it, comment, bring ideas and partner with us. One of the dreams for us is to turn this little initiative into an engine that will eventually bring interesting projects and money - and that we could match them with the community members.

If you want to work with us, ideally comment under this post and tell which area of work would be your ideal fit. You can see the posts about the areas in which we’re working - it’s more or less as wide as our understanding of what culture is. We’ve got Open Care-related ideas, we’ve dreamed about resurrecting UnMonastery somewhere in Eastern Europe, we also want to get increasingly engaged with refugees (As we have Alex Levene already working in Calais and knowing the situation quite well) and development-related cultural challenges.

Options are limitless.

And join us on the Trello board and on our hangouts, organised biweekly (will announce them beforehand). If you have any questions, ping me or drop an email natalia@edgeryders.eu.

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Great news

Thanks for writing this, Natalia. Sounds like we have a really busy and exciting few months ahead of us