What am I doing this week 14.-20.11.2019.

This week is all about building a community in Serbia. How to attract people and make them join us. So I have been working on making content and material for promoting the community and November workshop. All things that required translation to Serbian are done.

  • We have a first speaker for the workshop. Actually 2, bc those 2 guys work together. They are journalists and they are covering topics which are often about people who live on the edge of society. They have a lot to offer when it comes to talking about human interaction and collaboration.

  • Still waiting for other speakers we requested to answer if they are interested

  • Searching for new potential speakers

  • Sharing invitation for the workshop

  • Inviting people to join the platform and share their story

  • Have a conference call with other member of community as we did last week and exchange ideas and look what have we done so far

  • Contact NGOs for potential partnership

Also we are waiting for registration form in Serbian to be done so that we can promote properly the workshop.
This whole process started 10 days ago and so far I am very satisfied with the results.

Main focus now is promote promote, share share!!

Thanks to anyone who is involved!

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Advice: as soon as you have the confirmed participants make sure they introduce themselves in a post:

  • you can either interview them and create an account for them, then post the story.
  1. A Guide to achieving a good interview is here.
  2. If you are the one creating accounts for them, make sure they sign the Consent form. Instructions here.
  • they can post themselves. add a photo please!