What am I doing this week 21.10.-26.10.

This week is all about sending a thousand mails per day, informing people and spreading the word.

  • We finally have all 3 speakers at the even

  • We welcomed Ivan Djuric on board as a speaker. Young and very successful NGO guy, who is really competent to speak about human interaction and collaboration

  • We also have Uros Banjesevic as a speaker who is very successful entrepreneur. Video games industry, one of the most successful companies in Serbia.

  • Now my task is to find the venue

  • Tomorrow I am going to a similar event where I can also spread the word and meet people who are into these topics. Also to check the venue

  • Trying not to panic bc of the fact that there is only a month left till the event

  • Building community and make people give chance to Edgeryders. Inviting people to join the platform and share their story

  • I have contacted several initiatives and now waiting for them to answer and to have their members to join on our platform.

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Hi Tamara, can I ask you to coordinate with @anon82932460 to set up a facebook edgeryders event for this? Don’t worry that it is not perfect yet, you can add stuff later but we need a placeholder up now.


Tamara, I think we are good with the speakers and can focus on creating stories with them and others who are signing up. Please make sure there is a gender balance - we if have a section with short talks, they need to come from both men and women.
Note: none of our events are Speakers + Audience, everyone should be a contributor. Which means that both the speakers should introduce themselves online + people who register as well.

Yes! I contacted him. Thanks!

Yes yes, the plan was to have 3 and we are done. This morning I have realized that all 3 of them are male, but they were interested and we have no time to picky.
Ok, so today I will inform them that they should introduce themselves on the platform.