What am I doing this week (25.09.-02.10)

I did a follow up to What am I doing this week (16.09.-23.09.) this activities from previous week. I met some very interesting people there so now I am trying to figure out how to have big impact without having to go to Serbia for another few days in October. I really don’t have time for that. Created an action plan, which I will propose during virtual cafe meeting I plan on having next week with the Serbian community members. I met some very interesting people there and I hope we will go to the next level after that virtual cafe.
Also I wrote a little document I will be sending to them, highlighting the need to have those starting stories and explaining further how we can use them as an asset and activate collective intelligence.

Tomorrow working with Noemi from the office, expecting we crystallize some things so the community has a clear picture of the festival.

Will also check if Belgrade organisations like https://novaiskra.com/ or similar want to get engaged.
One of the ways for Serbian people to achieve wellbeing could be development of applied arts, design, engineering to create unique products. Nowadays you can easily create prototypes thanks to fast evolving 3D printing technology, cheap CNC machines etc and sell worldwide via amazon for example. It’s also easy to set up manufacturing deals online in case you have a need for that.

This is definitely a theme I will push forward and see the community feedback. The chaotic system in Serbia does produce creative people so this could be one of the alleys to explore :slight_smile:.

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Nice follow up!!

This is something we could probably only do with a strong partner, very much agree! Perhaps they have ongoing programs where we could join as partners and provide additional value?
If this would be the theme, we can also look for and invite someone from our network who is doing something similar. They would join me and you for the event.