What am I doing this week 28.10-1.11.

Everything is set for the event. We have a place, speakers and now everything is about promotion of the event.

  • FB event is done and uploaded. Sharing it and upgrading it every day with bios of the participants, photos of the venue, interesting things…

  • Finding FB groups which are interesting to us, and willing to help promote

  • Reach out to all Serbian community members and ask them to register + share the events with people they know

  • Getting in touch with those who already registered for the event. Welcoming new registrants to the workshop.

  • Interviewing participants who are speakers at the event and making a story on platform out of it

  • Introducing those who are going to participate in workshop with the community

  • Getting familiar with documentation processes of the event organizing and at the event

Thanks to everyone who is involved!