What am I doing this week 4-10.11

Last week was very busy. I have been actively working on facebook event and sharing it.
I interviewed some of participants and made them an account on platform, which later on they use as their own once they change the password. People like that method and Ill keep doing that.
Things to do this week

  • Make a poster which would be located on a very busy street, on the windows of the venue where event is going to happen.

  • Invite as much people as we can on Facebook

  • Post everyday in facebook event. Get people interested and informed.

  • Meet people from Catalyst, international organization on Wednesday 6.11. Hopefully they will help us promote the event and Edgeryders community

  • Meet and interview 2 other “speakers” or help them create an account and introduce themselves to community and other participants

  • Figure out other thing that need to go in a budget list (food, transport…)

  • Contact people who registered for the event. Introduce a platform and help them create an account.

Everything is going juts fine. :slight_smile:

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Great, thanks.
Please don’t forget about the list of fb groups and people to whom we reach out directly to invite them, or post on the groups. Add it in our working document and we’ll go through it next week in our weekly one on one.

@TamaraVuk can I ask you: every time you post on the facebook event make sure to add the link to an online post where people can join the conversation!

Example: EdgeRyders radionica
If the story of the person is not online, you can say: Come meet the rest of the community here: link to Serbian forum У Србији - Edgeryders

Also: a next task for our checkin next week is to produce a Welcome note from the organiser, from you.

I will ask you some questions and you can write the responses in a new Topic. That will be your story for the people whom you will meet at the workshop.

Sounds great!