What am I doing this week- 6.10.-12.10.

I started this week by getting familiar with work methods and contents of the Edgeryders platform, how to communicate with other members and other organizers.
-First thing I needed was an email address on Edgeryders platform so that I could legitimately communicate and spread the word in Serbia about the workshop and Edgeryders.
-I’d introduced myself to community as an organizer of the events in Serbia.
-I translated the registration form to Serbian
-I am actively working on determining the content of the workshop
-Contacting people who would be interested in participating in workshop, including those who are willing to be speakers, sharing theirs experiences and story. Hopefully this would bring a discussion and inspiration to everyone who participates.
-On 9.10. @jasen_lakic and I had a conference call with other members of Serbian community. It was really good cause they are really enthusiastic about this event and willing to help to create a great place to connect people. Goal is to have no more than 30 participants, so that communication is easy. Also we want a variety of profiles of people. Registration will be on Serbian site on Serbian language.
-General topics of the workshop are: Human interaction and the power of collaboration.
Main focuses are:
-Creating a content/document which would inform people about Edgeryders and also be an invitation for a workshop in Belgrade on Saturday, November 23. We need an interesting form, content and visual quality of that document which we would share via email and social media. Other members of Serbian community will help create this content.
-Promotion of the workshop
-Find people who would be willing to speak at the event and share their story.

  • Generate people on the platform
    -Suggest to people to share their story on Edgeryders

I am new here, and @noemi and @jasen_lakic are very helpful! Thank you guys!!

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Hi @TamaraVuk thanks for the updates!

Is everyone who attended your call registered on edgeryders?

One thing you can do is to ask them to post a paragraph about what they want to speak about.
Don’t forget to leave room for workshopping, so that it’s not only talks, but also more conversation sessions.

Otherwise, looking forward to the event description and invitation. Please post it in the Serbian forum and language when it’s ready. It’s okay to have parts of the agenda/ speakers that are not finalized, then others can join and fill them in as we approach the dates.

Good work, and great that you are introducing yourself to all Serbian participants on the platform!

Two of them are registered but the other two-im not sure. Think Jasen knows. Ok I’ll talk to them and suggest to post. They are interested to write their stories, tho.
Conversations are a part of the concept for sure :slight_smile:

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The other two will be posting their stories, both have interesting stories to share :slight_smile:

I will have a skype conference call with Becej stakeholders Monday 19h because we spend whole hour discussing the Belgrade workshop yesterday.

@TamaraVuk if you want to participate in that one as well let me know, I think you should because you can contribute and also you are our local person for Serbia :slight_smile: .

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Ofc I’m in!! Count on me! Monday 19h :slight_smile:

FYI @natalia_skoczylas @nadia: The official event invitation is going to go up in the next two days and I will tag the EN version accordingly. Owen is finalising the festival registration form in Serbian - but we will link to it from the wellbeing site instead. NB This is for Serbia only, as the others have different processes perhaps.

@natalia_skoczylas what is the status with the sign up forms for the Czech and Polish events?

We are not doing forms, as we already agreed two weeks ago or so - we trade a ticket for a story, directly, to avoid double work, as we used to do in the past.