What happens after LOTE4 is the most important

With less than a month to go I thought it made sense for us to stop for a minute and each one of us think about what makes a great event and what we can do before, during and after to make it so!

At living on the Edge events there are no spectators and they are only as good as we make them. It is important to remind ourselves that they are part of the infrastructure we are all building to is to one another in reaching our individual and collective aspirations. This means we need to make sure that we pay attention to what we want to happen after LOTE4 in preparing the event. Especially how they support community members existing and future work.

This wiki is meant to help us all think about how we make lote4 a meaningful and generative experience for everyone involved.  Please help develop by editing its contents. The format is…

Header: a desirable feature of a great event or scene  | something that shows me I can realistically expect this

- something you feel is needed to do/build that you can take responsibility for trying to make happen between now and the event.

What makes a a scene/ event of which I want to be a part... | How I know this is likely to happen

1. I get to hang out with great people  | I need to see their faces and stories

To do/ build:

- Can we create a participant directory view like this one using signed up community members photos and bios from their profiles? We have this one and it’s beautiful. But we need one with more info on it (to encourage participants to get to know another before a little)

- Can we get ourselves to write and share arrivals stories from those of us coming to lote4 so we get to know one another before?

2. I can learn interesting and important things | ?

To do/ build:

- How do we get many more others to discover existing session proposals and connect them clearly with the lote4 event?

3. I can discover and collaborate with cool projects | ?

To do/ build:

4. New and important things come out of it | ?

To do/ build:

  • Can we create a LOTE storytelling page: We need a view or page where a) aggregate material from past LOTEs and b) set the standard for how we want to tell the story of this year’s LOTE as it happens. I think this is a good task for the storytelling and documentation team. Example: Ouisharefest Stories.

5. I can get help with my new and existing projects | ?

To do/ build:

6. Being part of it contributes to my ability to realise dreams or discover new ones | ?

To do/ build:

7. After the event it is easy to get back in touch and continue working together on ideas | ?