What I am doing this week 28/9 - 6/10

28/9 – 6/10 Prague

During last weekend when I came back from vacation I have already organized the first discussion session in our community center / „farm market“, where I introduced Edgeryders platform for first three persons interested in collaboration with sharing their stories to the platform (people from my neighborhood who I know that are pro-active in doing something “for the society”). We have discussed during afternoon various topics and the first potential participants spoke about their stories based on their personal experiences (and they would like to create a topic and publish them on ER).

They promised to do the registration and put their stories within next week, so I am expecting their logins and first stories within this weekend. It was hard to manage create them a profile and write down the story during the session (they didn’t feel comfortable to quit the discussion and they would like to have some additional time for think more about their story). For this reason, I have brought together “manual” where are information how does Edgeryders (login, posting and commenting) to the platform works and how their stories will “live” on the platform. One of them pleased me to create the profile and then just send link to see where they can see the reactions.

Because the last session was quite successful – we gathered few people just passing-by to join in our discussion, I have planned next discussions session on this Saturday again to the Café Orient, so I guess I can collect next few stories again. Next three potential participants promised me to show up with basic outline of their stories to discuss them deeper with others and again, show them how Edgeryders works.

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Ciao Kuba, can I ask you to coordinate with @anon82932460 to set up the facebook event for it a.s.a.p ideally before the weekend? It does not need to be perfect but we do need the placeholder up now.

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Check your DMs Kuba :slight_smile:

Hi Nadia and Filip, I will set up the FB event for Poprebel festival in Prague during tomorrow and Friday in cooperation with Filip (Filip, lets communicate through DMs about it, OK?). Have a great days, guys!

thanks you too :slight_smile: