What is #OTSMatera?


  • 2-3 free, weekly workshops on technical skills held at the unMonastery and several other sites
  • A calendar to communicate weekly unMonastery events and workshops on the website, blog, EdgeRyders, Facebook and Twitter
  • Hosting projects as a co-working space with facilitation and technical support as needed
  • A platform to realize digital components of other projects and events, either through open workshops or interested and developing community

Current initiatives

  • Mobile app development in collaboration with @fortyfoxes and @K as part of The Viral Academy
  • Intro to web design (HTML5, CSS, and Javascript) and hosting your own site
  • Connecting local artisans app with @Rita O and @antonioelettrico
  • Geohacking and mapping Matera for Creating the Cultural Commons project with @Lucia, @katalin, and @mariabyck
  • Hosting project sessions with @Marc on mobile apps for Arduino, OpenEnergyMonitor, and a water-quality monitor
  • Community web development: working with 3 (and hopefully more!) local businesses to get their websites up and running
  • Network visualization workshop using tools like D3 and Gephi to map social interactions

Call for collaborators

  • Community Managers
  • Workshop Facilitators
  • Workshop Partners
  • Global Partners
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Hi and welcome to Edgeryders :slight_smile:

Kei this is looking good. I would suggest two things. The first is some photos/ video footage if you have any (then we can feature it on the platform). The other thing I would do is post a personal introduction, describing what you do and how you came to be working on it. Why are you building this, where do you want it to go and what things are you trying to figure out/struggling with?

This gives everyone a nice point of entry beacue it signals that it is ok to approach you, and what they can start explorijng/contributing…


Sounds good. Would you suggest putting the media in the post, wiki or somewhere else?

In the group description

as well as in individual posts you see there is a group logo you can add? This is what pops up in the project page.

You can embed images or videos in the group description and individual posts. Wikis too if you like, but I think it makes sense to keep wikis text only,no?

Makes sense

Cool - will feed in more tomorrow!