What is the European Stack?

This looks interesting, especially for folks able to stay in Berlin when it’s on.

A residency at the Trust Coworking space to explore an alternative to dominance by the big US corps (i.e FAANG) or China’s equivalents:

The European Union currently finds itself in a peculiar situation. Chinese and American digital infrastructure monopolies are solidifying, increasing the friction between San Francisco flavoured platform-capitalism, Beijing’s Great Firewall, and supposed European values for taxation, privacy, the inclusion of migrants, labour protection, housing rights and environmentalism.

From October through December 2019, Trust will explore narratives and projects that reimagine the European Stack* as a political project. What is the way forward for pan-european digital infrastructure? Could the European Stack be a project about, and model for, a solidarity-based politics?

You can see more here:

They also offer an interesting reading group:

This is likely interesting in the context of all this NGI chatter.

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Just a quick feedback: As a IT specialist I usually hear and speak about GAFAM (google apple facebook amazon microsoft). Never heard of FAANG (facebook apple amazon netflix google).

A quick google (yes…) search landed me on an article about FAANG. It seems that FAANG comes more from an investor perspective (yay, make money with FAANG), where GAFAM is more common in the activist scene (lets bring down money-maker GAFAM)… super-simplified, but I thought I might share my insights.

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