What kind of stories do ordinary people like to tell and bureaucrats might also understand (as data)

i’d like to host a language/storytelling lab, using tags and other forms of indicators, descriptors, visuals and other kinds of shorthand that could end up being the sort of data that policymakers might possibly be able to ‘standardise’ for their own use.

Connect with existing sessions

Hi Michael I think this sounds interesting, could you elaborate on it a bit? Have you tried doing something similar in the past and how did this work? curious

the stories we tell and make sense of…

hi nadia, i’m not sure of logistics yet, would prefer a two day session, the first to gather people’s interests and ideas, have some discussion and then the second day for the lab, an active learning session…if it turns out there’s only an opportunity for one session then we’d start with a shorter check-in, rountable discussion/sharing and thne go straight into the lab…

the lab would consist of ‘storytellers’…verbal (dialogue, discussion, anecdotal, from personal to business type topics), non-verbal (kinesthetic, movement based, meditation, walking, etc), visual (drawing, photography, collage, etc), auditory (sound making, music, etc…), craft/maker type storytelling…

and then we would have the storylisteners, storycapturers, documenters, those who have come to witness the storytelling process, they could roam about from ‘storyteller’ to ‘storyteller’ or stay with one person as they see fit, we would then reflect and question ourselves about the process at the end, it might be that only 3 people show up to this, even if it’s just two people this can still work, it will simply be the learning it is for those who show up…



That seems like something I would do

I don’t think we can do it in the conference days, since it seems it takes time to set it up and needs a bit of organizing, including an inviting space. We could do it in the weekend though, at the EdgeCamp (unconference, informal) maybe?Are there specific topics that need to be decided beforehand? or how does it go?

Also, I’m curious to read the whole story of how you’ve come to do this, or what other past experiences have shown?  Michael, you could also share it as a report in a mission on living together and building networks?


Maybe implement part

Maybe channel som of this into preparing the sessions and communicating the outcome in a way that lends itself easily to being understood and maybe even used in other contexts? Especially the breakout sessions are a challenge to put together and all brains, experiences and skills are welcome :)  http://edgeryders.ppa.coe.int/conference/volunteer/


i’m coming to this a bit late to really plan something well, would have liked to have tried using some of the tools these guys have http://www.pathable.com/about/ or even improvise with this sort of idea here http://moodjam.com/

anyhow, i’d be willing to pull something together, for example…how about a simple body language/story collecting process where people opt in to participate as they attend their various sessions with ‘researchers’ or story capturers tagging along (pun intended) ?