What posts and calls to action to we push out this week?

Hi Guys, please add in a comment below something we could highlight this week on social media. It could be relevant to a specific on going activity, a topic which interests you or a burning question/insight you have. Ideally something relevant to something currentlybeing explored/ discussed on at, and include the er Url for people who want to contribute…

This will then be pushed out via our social media channel and weekly community newsletter…

We have our Community Call set up here, the theme is Caring Communities, please share :slight_smile:

@johncoate published an informative post highlighting the practical perspective of living with your co-workers, John if you have other material, especially images or videos that we can publish along with your post through our various channels it would be really great - let me know.

@noemi we found a stronger response from updates last week that contained a simple call to action, such as here. I think pushing other fellows to share such headlines should be the focus. The CountOnMe emails are not so impactful, although people read the headlines, they are not actively shared. What do you think?

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I can be in on the call

Don’t have images really, but I can be present for the call on Weds.

How about something from the farm?

I remember a couple of beautiful images from the presentation you did in Washington DC…

Definitely a photo needed

@johncoate makes a difference not just in promo, but also when one reads - looks more like a magazine article but also builds a connection with the author…

If you dont feel like going through your personal archive maybe search for a beautiful relevant image on flickr.com for cc licenses.

Added footer on each story page

I like this header Owen made. When we share a post out on the Internet it helps people find the community effort of which the user story is/can be part of…

I am inserting it on each story where it can be shown.


Found one

Farm people who lived together in a house in California and operated a tofu and soy dairy and a vegetarian restaurant.  Pic is from 1977.

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