What shall we call Edgeryders' climate/environment unit?

Edgeryders Anthroposcene

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yeah @nadia
AntropoScene if we want to go with antropocene is smart. Not everyone will immediately know “oh, this is what they’re talking about”, but this can be leveraged with visuals and smart slogans

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Clever! Maybe even a bit too clever? If we are going for simplicity, as @noemi suggested, then “Green” or “Deep Green” is as simple as it gets.

Try putting it into context.

Good morning, my name is Jamal. I work with AnthropoScene, a group of people within Edgeryders that …

Good morning, my name is Jamal. I work with Deep Green, a group of people within Edgeryders that …

How does it feel?

I really like AnthropoScene, @nadia!

About (Deep) Green, I admit it’s simpler and everyone will immediately understand. Nonetheless, in my opinion the word “green” is hyper abused, it makes me think now at biodegradable laundry soap. At this point, I think it’s not edgy enough.

I definetely would say that, proudly :wink:

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Also, you can be part of a scene without being part of an organisation. It’s kind of how edgeryders started out, and in many senses still is.

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great point, @alberto - and yes, usually go with the most simple solution.

But a name is also all about how it’s use - how it’s branded. Shorter the better, but if everyone is using something similar, how do you stand out? (latter also horrible for search results).

Having something different can be a competitive advantage in terms of being found and recognized.

or AnthropoTeam :slight_smile:

As an abbreviation for “Anthroposcene [Response] Team”. The direct literal meaning would be “team of people”, which is not far from the truth either.

Yes. One issue though is that it could be interpreted as anthropologists which is close to what we do with ethnography…

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How about Green AnthropoScene?

I would reconsider the word green if paired with an edgier word like that. It’s maybe more intuitive that anthropoScene alone, but not obvious.

The only thing that bothers me it could be the sound -een / -ene repeated. But that’s a minor problem.

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I think all the Anthropo-something are too hard to get and pronounce.

I’m sticking to Green smth.
Terra Edge proposed by @martin is also very nice! Really like it.

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I would vote for the Green Edge or Green - to keep it as simple and unpretentious as possible. You can also tinker around the circular systems and add something from it - but maybe that would be too limiting at the same time. Green makes it simple and open to variety of scenarios with a pretty clear idea ahead.

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Adding back “Green” seems a good way to make it more intuitively understandable. The “-scene” part is still not accessible to (my) intuition. But how about, plain and simple:

Green Anthropocene

Because that’s necessarily the goal now that we’re in the anthropocene, for better or worse.

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Haha. Wow we’re really putting our brains at work here. Can’t help but sigh, wishing that all our platform posts get this much love :kissing_heart:

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Ok, it seems we’re kind of divided around the Anthroposcene and the Green options. Recalling the previous proposals, there is also Terra/Geo/Gaia.

As I see it, they all have their pros and cons. I try to sum them up (in alphabetical order):

(Green) Anthropo(S)cene
Pros: very specific word to describe the planetary situation and the time we live in, climate change related, urgency, comprehensive of both natural and human, edgy.
Cons: if you don’t know the concept, you won’t get it. May sounds academic and difficult to pronounce.

(Deep) Green / Greening Edge
Pros: intuitive, clear, wide concept to be used in very different projects all environment related, unpretentious.
Cons: abused, not edgy, we could talk about anything.

Pros: inspirational, holistic, planet related, kind of mythical (past and future).
Cons: could be linked to geo-engineering, not related to people, nerdy.

As maybe some of you already know, I’m particularly interested because I’m working at the Climate-KIC project; so, whatever we will choose it would be good for me, but I honestly lobby for the first one :smiley:

BONUS: There’s a piece of stand-up comedy from the 80s by George Carlin about environmentalists and the idea of save the planet. I’m very into this kind of humour and I agree about the “people perspective” (the punch line is “The planet is fine. The people are f***ed.”), that’s why I’m more prone to the first option.

Now, should we vote, at least one of the 3? And then we could refine it.

EDIT: I post another poll, apparently it’s not possible to change it after the first 5 minutes.

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(Staying studiously out of it) :sunglasses:

@ilaria if you use radio buttons we can only choose one option. You should make a poll with tick boxes instead… :slight_smile:

Ok, I try to edit it, sorry :slight_smile:

@alberto, is it correct?

  • (Green) Anthropo(S)cene
  • (Deep) Green / Greening Edge
  • Terra / Geo / Gaia

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Yes! However, let’s agree that this a poll and not a vote. Nothing important should be decided on a majority vote.

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Yes, absolutely.