What to check when the Makerfox can't find a deal?

Since makerfox.com has no place for admin documentation yet, I’ll preliminarily put it here.

If you are a Makerfox admin and work on a new network barter trade, here’s a prioritized checklist for when you expect a certain trade to happen that is not being found:

  1. Check if it's the credit limit. No trade will happen if a user is indebted to the Makerfox for trade commission more than a certain per-user limit. So, check that the current limit plus expected commission values for the new trade are below the limits of revery user to be involved in the new trade. The current credit is negative values in "Administration → Users → Balance", and the limits can be seen with pgadmin3.
  2. Check the offer. Check if the offers expected in your trade exist, and note down their IDs from the URL. You need the credentials of the user offering this, or else use pgadmin3, or the Rails console (heroku run console).
  3. Check the offer status. It has to be in status "Published" in order to become part of a trade.
  4. Check the offer quantity. If the offer is a product, check the remaining quantity of the offer. If it is zero, no new trade involving this product will be found. Again, use user credentials, pgadmin3 or the Rails console.
  5. Check the orders. Check if the orders are in place. Easy to check with pgadmin3 in the orders table.
  6. Maybe it's a bug. If the above did not help, maybe you found a bug in the network barter algorithm. Are there any error messages in the rake command's output for searching the trades?