What to do this week

based on a call with @nadia and @zmorda today about how to move forward with the openvillage MENA ( the call was the first arabic community call but only one member subscribed so we had a call about this )

so we need to reach out to people more clearly. so they know what’s happening and why to be part of the project and how to join.

so I will be doing this :

  1. make flyers in Arabic answering these questions in a compact clear sentence. ( questions are what is the Fellowship, What are we building, What’s happening in Morocco )
  2. create Fb events for the 5 workshops linking to the eventbrite page.
  3. follow up with for9a.com to post the fellowship on their platform.
  4. start reaching out and inviting groups that come out of this search ( the graph of the dimensions of wellbeing )

@zmorda should be doing

  1. reach out to ELspace, introduce edgeryders and what we are doing, see how can we work together ( can support them by renting their space for the workshop)

  2. French flyers - compact text answring the 3 main questions

3- prepare posts fro the fb event ( nadia’s bio , …etc)


  1. Send some text to be translated in Arabic and French, ( edgeryders vid, edgeryders description, and event description )

  2. Circulate some old members’ stories so people get a sense of the community @nadia

  3. detailed workshop program ( lets do this together :smiley: )


Also I need the presentation of Edgeryders in french :slight_smile: