"What we have done for others and the world remains, and is immortal"


My name's Andrea, and i'm a 21 years old guy from the province of Varese, Italy (very near to Milan). Before I start telling what i'm doing now, I think it's important to understand where I come from. As you can see, english is not my first language - and i’m way better speaking then writing it - so please be patient with any mistakes you might find. Thank you.

My parents where very poor and migrated to northern Italy from Caserta, near Naples, in the seventies. When they moved, they were almost my age now (!), and were searching for jobs, hope, and a good place to raise their children, giving them the opportunities they didn’t had.


This isn’t new for anyone who knows Italy. My story is nothing “new”. But since I was a child, I always felt like a son of two worlds: the North, where I grown up and was educated, and the South, where the rest of my family, my traditions and “aesthetics” are from. And because of that, I’ve always felt proudly italian, and proudly european. 


Feeling in debt with all the occasions that life, family and friends gave me, I decided to try giving back something to society.



I’ve always heard about this difference between “digital natives” and “digital adopters”. From many columnists point of view, being young and born in a PC (or post-PC, as Steve would say) means that you have most of the instruments needed to use technology. That’s true, i won’t argue about it. 


But what about using technology in a responsible way? What about knowing what you’re doing when you’re sharing your personal informations online, checking for privacy controls on social networks? What about knowing what is “net neutrality”, or what the term “smart city” means?


All those things are part - or are becoming part - of our lives everyday. For me it’s pretty easy to answer, but i’m a geek so I don’t count. What about all those high school students who don’t know anything about those themes? Should they be left in darkness while others take decisions, and actions? I don’t think that’s fair.

So, now, enter GSE.

The Green Geek School Education (acronym for “GSE”) is an educational project that targets students from high schools and college. I’ve started it inside the no-profit association Green Geek, based in Milan.


Its main goal is to provide students with the basics for understanding, managing new technologies and spreading the “culture of innovation”. It’s structured a non-linear and multi-disciplinary way, and conducted by exhibiting concrete examples of realities (like start-ups and institutions) who took really seriously the challenge for the future. It features dialectic heavily based on motivation and enhancement of groups and individuals.


The project also hosts the contribution of the European Parliament VP, Gianni Pittella:

More info - only in italian, sorry! - are available here:
I would like to end this with this quote, from General Albert Pike:

“What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains, and is immortal.”

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Hello Andrea,

i think it s

Hello Andrea,

i think it s an interesting idea the GSE, but I m curious how you provide them with the knowledge. Is it in form of workshops? or they need to subscibe for some period (e.g six months to have regularly some “courses”) ?

In your opinion you think it should be a better tech education in schools? As far as I remember from my studying years, although we had computer science course we didnt have any mention on personal data protection and responsibility.

Hi Luna, thanks for you comment - love your name :slight_smile: !

Well, the format of GSE is quite simple: it’s a 2 hours talk hosted right inside schools, during lessions or school’s general assembly. Most of the times students choose themself to partecipate, mostly because of their curiosity towars “something new”.

Right now I’m working with some reserchers, to be able to expand the project into something more comprehensive and elaborated.

About schools and tech education… I can only speak for the situation in my country. Here in Italy, there’s a profound absence of digital culture: everybody uses social networks, but nobody knows how they actually make money; on the other side, the most useful part of the IT innovation is unknown to most people (concepts and realities like start-ups, smart cities, net neutrality and much much more).

These numbers (only in italian, sorry) can get you an idea of what I’m talking about.


So, i’m plating seeds right now :slight_smile:

From responsibility to oneness

Don’t worry about the written English. It is also not my mother tongue, and I’m sure that I must have written stupid sentences, made mistakes or have written in an odd style.

So young and yet already showing big signs of wisdom. From what I read from you, oneness is always standing in a corner of your mind. And you know what? That is excellent.

The more people realize that they are responsible (for everything), the better our societies will be.

Continue being a good altruist green geek! I love the mixture of these two words, green geek. Green geek, green geek, green geek. Also fun to pronounce. One immediately forgets the negative connotation of ‘geek’.

If you keep at it like this, I predict that in a couple of years, you’ll turn into a wonderful sage geek.

Thanks for the kind reply, Lyne. Can’t wait to meet you in Strasbourg! :slight_smile: