What we offer

What We Offer

01 Worldbuilding

Welcome to Witness – an open-source fictional world. This world is different from other fictional worlds, in that it pays a lot of attention to its economies, and makes its economies radically different from the one we live in.

02 Consulting

We know how to produce a new kind of knowledge product. You can think of it as a hybrid between consultancy and consultation. Like consultancy, it is as technical and narrow-scoped as required: there are hidden experts on everything out there, and the Internet (and our own community-building skills) makes it cheap to reach out to them).

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03 Training

Get customizable training for small or large groups at your organisation.

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04 Research

Collective intelligence, at scale. We are the Edgeryders Research Network. We do research with participatory, inclusive methods, to harness the power of collective intelligence. Discover More

05 Tools and Technologies

Find out which tools we can make available for you.

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06 Projects

See the list of all clients, funders and partner Organisatons we met along the way.

07 People

Since 2018, Edgeryders has self-organized into several units. A board of directors heads the company.