What's inside the Traditional Knowledge Data Bank:

We will discuss:

About the content of the TKWB and how to integrate it to the hackathon.

About the format of the databank

About the issues faced to publish the databank online ( why did it stop in 2005)

If it possible to set these data free

If possible to use alternative to google earth

Pick one challenge.

Find required skils

Exchange contacts of different people to get on board

Date: 2014-09-12 12:00:00 - 2014-09-12 12:00:00, Europe/Brussels Time.

hangout link

Hi Remy,

where is this meeting?


meeting notes

@katalin, I just created the event to keep people posted. but at this stage it would have been difficult to involve more edgeryders into the call. Hopefully soon it will bepossible. :wink:

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So… where are sample data?

Do we get to look at any data? I will say this once again: if we don’t see the raw data well in advance of the hackathon, there is nothing we can do. Are we getting them (1% is great – what we need is low level inspection of the raw data, we just need to look at a few records).

Did you learn how they store the data? If not json, what is the back end made of?

There is nothing serious to make a hackathon right now

That was a long process to get any information. Now, the issue is:

they actually have only 1% of all the data. Because: some works are still in progress, or some data are just staying on paper or inside Pietro’s mind. The wiki is not finished yet, and some data inside the wiki, such as geolocalisation, are not accurate. The data are just a csv file and I still did not receive it. So well…They recently said they will put more data as soon as possible. But we should not expect too much. If we got anything, we could try something on the fly during the conference. Although we were expecting much more from this databank, there is nothing serious to make a hackathon right now. That’s a pitty.

OK then

Ok, that sucks but nothing we can do about it. We already have three tracks, let’s see if something else comes but even if it does not we are covered, and should now focus on getting people to participate in the tracks we have. I would have liked to do something with data, but there you go.