When are you guys arriving in Hamburg?

I am supposed to make a rooming list for the Generator Hostel, with names and arrival times of everyone in our group. Can you please put them here? Just edit the wiki, adding names and times below. Thanks!

  1. Alberto Cottica and Nadia El-Imam: arriving one day early, on 26th December evening.
  2. @Thomas_Goorden arriving on 27th (by ICE, around 15h45 at the hostel), leaving on the 30th (ICE train at 8h45)
  3. @mstn
  4. @Costantino
  5. @zoescope
  6. @kate_g
  7. @Dorotea
  8. @KiraVde
  9. @Hazem arriving on : 27th morning (10 am )- leaving on : 30th evening (9 pm)
  10. @gandhiano
  11. @almereyda

we are arriving

on the 25th, so we can have a day to take a look at the city before diving into the event.




Arrival: 27th in the morning Departure: 30th in the evening


Arriving Hamburg 21.00 on 26th & leaving on 30th.

See you then

& met @maxlath at The Climate Action Zone in Paris during COP21 - he’s looking for a bed at 32C3 if one comes up



Arriving Hamburg 21.00 on 26th & leaving on 30th.

See you then

& met @maxlath at The Climate Action Zone in Paris during COP21 - he’s looking for a bed at 32C3 if one comes up


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@maxlath it’s looking like @KiraVde might be relinquishing her bed. Kira, can you confirm? Max, do you still want it?

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Pain in my heart

But yes, I’ll stay home and work. Max, my bed is yours.

I need to get out of the fuckup creative industry sector asap.

Love y’all.

thanks @KiraVde! @Alberto it

thanks @KiraVde!

@Alberto it appears Lucie found a place to stay so everything is fine with just one bed now.

I should arrive the 26th by train around 20:00

can’t wait! :smiley:

Caution: check-in 27th!

@maxlath glad to have you on board. Make sure you read all the (three or four) relevant posts. We are reserved for check-in on the 27th, the first day of the conference, and check out on the 30th, last day. You’ll have to find your own accommodation for the night of the 26th.


I will arrive the start day - 27th see you all there.


somehow missed this, planning to arrive tomorrow 27th, and going on the 30th

I am inside CCH. Left luggage in hostel. Where is the meeting point if any?


bed offer

as I’m having a terrible cold this morning I’m considering postponing my arrival and getting a private room when I get there ( also not to spread possible fresh flu virus in the hostel and at the congress … )

so please offer my bed to some (maybe newly recruited at the congress) edgeryder, I know there are still lots of people who don’t have the accomodation solved for the time of the congress so I’m sure someone will be happy about this possibility

have fun and hopefully see you at the congress :slight_smile:

( ps. I can also try to help if people still could not get the tickets, let me know if this worked out for you and if everyone has managed to get them at the venue )

ping @Alberto

please ( collectively ) find a (new?) edgeryder to use the bed offer,

maybe post a note at the assemply table too?

to make sure someone nice will benefit from it :slight_smile:


I’ve not yet checked into my hostel. So if nobody else needs the ER bed, I’d very happily cancel my booking and stay with you folks.

[but I do have a place to sleep, so if somebody is actually bed-less they should have priority]


would be great :slight_smile:

do you still have the extra ticket ?

some people ( actually many) are still looking

ping @ kate

it’s just one ticket but hope it can help :slight_smile:


Sorry I’m reading now… I’m on my room (not the EdgeRyders’ one, I’ve booked later) so I think that if not claimed there’s a bed in the ER room.

bed offer

hey I am arriving tomorrow afternoon and am still bed-less - is the bed offer still available??

would be great! (marie here btw)

for context

[this is my partner marie, who I believe at least Dorota and Nadia will know. I’d be overjoyed if she could take the bed, and I’ll stick with my other hostel place. Or she goes to my hostel and I come to you, or any other solution that gives everyone a place to sleep]

sure :slight_smile:

hi Marie :slight_smile: welcome !

sure I think both solutions should work,

considering that it’s mostly a female room, Marie might fit in better :slight_smile:

but I think any option should work fine

I hope you enjoy your stay and the congress !