Where are the coding data in Open Ethnographer saved?

I am sketching a data management plan for OpenCare and need to know where we store the coding data. I know they are no longer stored in the full text field. Is it in some taxonomy term table in the database? @danohu, you would know the answer to this…

Also: I seem to remember we were using RDFa standard in the first version. Is this true of the current version too? Does this mean codes have URIs?

Own entity type

Annotations are saved as a new type of Drupal entities (a Drupal concept – examples of other entities are nodes, comments, users). So, there’s a database table for them, and they can be managed in the UI  here.

Re. RDF/a, the current rendering is not RDF/a compatible. It rather looks like this:

<span data-annotation-id=“10”

class=“annotator-hl annotator-others-annotation”>

annotated text</span>

Making the output RDF/a compatible again is a simple task though, if desired. This is just a change on the presentation layer, nothing that affects data storage.