Who am I?

I’m a young girl of 24 years old from Romania, Hunedoara County and I teach French as a Foreign Language at a high school,  and I am, also, member in the Association “ Tineri pentru viitori 2006” (Youngs for future 2006).

I have always wanted to attend a teacher career, so I graduated in 2009 the University of Craiova, Faculty of Letters (French language and literature – English language and literature) and in 2011 I got my master’s degree from the same University in Didactic, French language and literatures in the francophone space. After graduation, my desire was to find a job. Living in a disadvantaged area (Jiu Valley), the only chance to have a job was to give the exam to work as a teacher. Those who have always supported me were my parents so as usual, also this time, they gave me all their confidence and support. I love what I do, but the material part is lacking. In Romania, a debutant teacher earns about 250 Euros, that’s why I still depend on my parents. I wish to manage to get another job, which can offer me both material and professional satisfactions.

Tough one

Hello Ana, I checked the Wikipedia entry on Jiu Valley. Probably not completely reliable, but it does give me some background. If that information is anything to go by, you are looking at one of the most economically depressed areas in Europe… which might be a source of opportunities, if you have the right skill set. How are you trying to move on to another job?

Also, your mission reminds me of this project of another Edgeryder (Florina, Romanian living in Paris). She is looking for people to collaborate, maybe you are interested!

what is it about being a teacher…

Hi Ana,

I’m curious about your choice, why teacher? And do you see other ways of getting to do what you are passionate about, maybe creative initiatives you see elsewhere?

Don’t know if you’ve seen that we are having several discussions about learning exploring different aspects here. Maybe a good point of entry might be to check out one of the missions? http://edgeryders.ppa.coe.int/campaign/learning