Who else with Doctorow in the main debate?

This is a full wiki. Edit at will.

We have our SF author in the main debate, but we also need to find the other relevant people. I see two: an economist and a moderator, hopefully from the climate scene. They need to be based in Europe. At least one of them should be a woman.


  • Mariana Mazzucato. Absolutely perfect, but difficult to reach (if not through Climate-KIC) and likely expensive.

  • Stephanie Kelton. A MMT proponent, talks a lot about budget deficits. Not quite as radical as I would like. Also, mostly based in America, visiting professor in Australia…

  • César Hidalgo. Great charismatic speaker, complexity economist, recently moved to Europe (Toulouse). Contact info on his website is out of date. Probably expensive.

  • Eve Mitleton-Kelly. Head of the complexity group at LSE. Former civil servant.

  • Andrea Westall. Interesting profile, recommended by Fabrizio Barca, not an academic.

  • Ha-Joon Chang. Development economist, with policy experience and an interest for history. Likes science fiction. Seems like a strong candidate.

  • Ottmar Edenhofer. Environmental economist with senior policy experience. Focus on the impact of technical change on costs/benefits of environmental policies.

  • Frank Biermann. Environmental economist, focused on governance.

  • Will Davies. Political economist with particular interests in neoliberalism, history of economics and economic sociology.

  • Paola Casavola. Economist, territorial politics expert.


  • Kirsten Dunlop, CEO of C-KIC.

  • Irene Tinagli. Regional economist, MEP, now chair of the ECON Commission at the European Parliament. I would invite her anyway, actually, since she can fill both roles. In general, this could be a way to involve the European parliament, Who is your favorite hip MEP?


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Maybe @J_Noga has some suggestions?

It is a very long shot, for a person that could take the role of the ‚economist‘: Otmar Edenhofer or Frank Biermann. I have met both, but I guess they do not know/recall me. I have know idea whether they are SF-affin, but i) likely interested in ‚out of the box thinking‘ and ii) may willing to pint ot members of their Teams / networks. – regards, Martin

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Perhaps Kate Raworth might be worth asking?

Hmm… not a fan. Too much hype, not enough… dough. :smiley:

hi @rmchase: got suggestions?

Hmmm…Maybe Nick Srnicek? Lecturer in Digital Economy at King’s College. Focus on political economy of tech (platforms, AI). Don’t know him personally.

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hey, know someone who might? E.G if you check linkedin :slight_smile:

He will be at the Digital Capitalism Conference in Berlin, 29-30 October. I’ll be there as well, and know the organisers. I could check with them, ask if they could introduce me? Let me know.

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PS: nothing on LinkedIn it seems.

@alberto @augusto

Sorry, I don’t know how to help on this front :frowning:

Invitation for economists here