WHO i'M ?

Paula Pin
As a transhackfeminist performer and researcher I have a strong inclination towards research and experimentation processes with collective and free technologies.

In the last years after my graduation from Fine Arts College, I have been developing an interest in DIY-DIWO technologies, hacking and hardware electronics, in a context of learning by doing in a transhackfeminist electronics open laboratory (Pechblenda) that we make grow up at Calafou, a free technologies project based in ecology and open source ideals. Calafou is the place where different personalities whose trajectories are linked to collectives dealing with trans-gender, transhackfeminist, activist research, technological sovereignty, ecological issues, audiovisual production, transformation of spaces and performances. As member that was living there for the last four years I was involved in the day live developments and co-organizing the majority of events around free and open technology there; you can see bellow the different task or implications on it.

My active participation in the lab Pechblenda and Transnoise, besides my social ideals and my work as a noise performance and workshopologist, has taken me to many spaces and contexts, specially to the point of starting to collaborate in Hackteria, a Biohacking network. Open up again the opportunity to give up workshops as a facilitator all around the world always putting the focus on spread the knowledge and share experience over a transfeminism horizontal perspective.

The last two years, after bio and transhackfeminist values we have been designing and fabricating the devices for a Mobile Lab that is used for autonomous gynecology practices and investigation. As my knowledge in electronics is based on open source and DIY, the devices included in the laboratory are portable replications of a microscope, a speculum done with a 3D printer, an incubator, PCR, centrifuge …

Since September 2012 I collaborate with the international network of biohacking Hackteria and I currently developing a line of hardware (HardGlam) for Gynepunk project and also working as a collaborator for the Strogens project with Mary Maggic, Byron Rich and Gaia Leandra.

During the last year we were collaborating and making grow this project at Barcelona Prototyp_ome | Drupal that comes from the interaction of Pechblenda and Hackteria lab

visual map of projects, reading from right to the left, from individual to collective body ( net of iteractions )

biohacker biopunk network and wiki to document all the process and DIWO projects from hardware to wetlab

collective space for autonomous free and open tech/nature projects
Hardlab TransHackFeminista - lab0rat0rio experimentaci0n bio-electr0-química

plants queer microorganism beings more than Human… machine interactions (2012-2013)
photosynthesis love

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Hi Paula,
nice to see you here.
I’m Zoe from WeMake Milan (one of the partners of Opencare project). I’m starting experimenting with wetlab here in Milan, playing and building DIY microscope and explore how female health could benefit in using it. I was at Biohack Retreat in Klontal with Hackteria community and we had great conversations.
Unfortunately I won’t be at Open Village because I have a wearable course running here in Milan now, but you could connect with my co-founder @costantino who’s landed now in brussels. Hope to meet you soon.

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Ciao Pin,
SO curious to learn more about your work. I’m reading but feel like I am missing a lot of context. What time will you be in the space tomorrow? (well later today :))

Nadia !! Feeling bad don.t have time to talk more, I.m still on Bruxells
and I will spend a week in Gent. Let me know if you wanna meet out of the
context of doing many things at the event

Coool! Let’s meet this evening for a beer? my number is +32485079163