Who is going to Warsaw?

Heads up all, but especially @ivan and @marina. Eranda is asking EDGE team to complete this form:


in order to plan the Warsaw event.


We need to focus on the originality of our approach and the new data we bring to the table.

  1. All sessions need to be focused on reflecting on remedies. So, even when we talk about explanations and causes, we need to try to think about practical lessons that can be derived from our analyses.
  2. All sessions will be mixed: POPREBEL-iants plus activists


Session 1: explanations of the rise of right-wing populism

Session 2: effects of right-wing populism in power

Session 3: remedies

Session 4: Vello’s Foresight Scenarios

Session 5: recapitulation focused on remedies

We need at least a representation of EDGE, and we do have travel budget. I cannot go, of course. @Nica would be ideal, but that’s a long trip for something like this.